Put the Scissors Down!

Sarah has a huge amount of stranger danger going on… which is good.

She doesn’t run from me.

It gets bad when I want to get her hair cut. 

I did that once and she cried and screamed so hard, the Kids Barber, where they say they can cut any kid’s hair, can’t do it.

So since age 1 I have been cutting her hair.

Did I mention her hair grows with lightening speed?

Did I tell you I don’t have a beautician’s license?

So last week I had some extra time and I decided to cut her hair.

Easy peasy, right?

I only have to cut in a straight line.



Her hair was really long and about 4 inches down her back, so I thought I would take off an inch.

First I sat her on a chair, then a stool, then on the kitchen table where she proclaimed,

“Mama, we don’t sit on tables!”


I just couldn’t get the right angle to get the job done.

I sweated.   I gasped.  I cursed.

I asked Tyler if he would do it after he made a face.

Why did he make a face?


I had cut it to her shoulders.

My one inch turned into 4 inches.

“Honey, I think you need to put the scissors down.” He said with a slight amount of fear in his voice.

So the next morning I took one look at my poor pathetic child with her horribly cut hair and told her I was taking her to the Beauty Shop.

Let’s just say that didn’t go over so well, so I got out my scissors once again.

This time I put her on the ottoman in front of the TV.

Then I had her stand.

Standing on the ottoman worked.  I could finally get a good angle.

She stood.  I cut.  I whimpered.  She consoled.


Then we went outside to play, but I brought my scissors with me so I could see any wisps that I missed.

Apparently, I do not know what a straight line is.

She stood.  I cut.

 “LAURA!!  Put the scissors down!”  My mom yelled from her deck.

I did what I was told.

Her hair still isn’t right.

It is between her shoulders and jaw line now, but if I could just make one more cut…


43 responses to “Put the Scissors Down!

  1. I did all the haircuts in the family, when my kids were young. Some cuts were quite unique. I’ve also strapped my nephew to the chair, in order to do his. Thank goodness it grows back! (my daughter does have a license and I’ve seen her tackle the squirmiest kids, fairly well)

    • “unique” is a good word choice :-). I used to put Sarah in her booster seat, but now she holds really still and I have to say she is very patient with me. I actually cried when I realized how crooked it was and I had to keep going!!!!

  2. Now that’s an area I’ve never ventured, but my kids don’t have straight hair. I would have been a fool to attempt it.

  3. Do not touch the scissors again! My mom tried cutting my hair ONCE and ended up putting a BALD patch right on the side of my head. Then she tried to cover it up with those hideous huge hair bands. HORRIBLE. It’s been well over 25 years since it happened but I am STILL scared from the experience.

  4. There is no way that i could even attempt to cut Hayden’s hair – and it also grows really fast (we have to get it cut every 4-6 weeks). We started out going to a haircut place and getting my sister’s best friend to cut it. Hayden was a mess! It was terrible. So then the hairstylist came to our home to cut his hair (she did this about 3-4 times). Then we ventured back to the salon and he did okay… not great, but decent. So we have been going to the salon for about 4 months now. It’s still a struggle, but he’s definitely better.

    Good luck with Sarah and her hair – it really doesn’t look that bad.

    • Thanks. She does hold really still for me, but it is hard. I am getting my hair cut tonight and am taking her with so maybe she can see that the girl is nice and she wont be afraid! I would never attempt boy hair!

  5. Interesting -I still don’t understand why she doesn’t like going to the salon? Obviously, from all of the cutting you did, it’s not the hair itself LOL!
    I don’t recall ever having a problem when I was a kid, but I had a really nice woman cut my hair.

    • Oh, she is deathly afraid of the girl touching her and being so close.

      She got glasses at age 1 and ever since then people/strangers come up to her and get in her face all of the time and she gets scared and cries. I know she will grow out of it, but until then….

      People can be really rude, especially when they see she is scared, they don’t leave her alone! Even when I say something.

  6. I’ve never cut my kids hair in the back. I have trimmed bangs! We take them to a hairdresser for the “big” cut, but lately I’ve not been impressed. Even hubby noticed how skew it was. Time to try out a new hairdresser I guess.

  7. LOL…wow. I don’t know what straight is either…even with a ruler I mess up. I once cut my kid’s hair and I am just thankful it was long enough and curly enough to take the hit.

  8. Take it from me, mother of two girls, that homemade haircuts are the reason why god invented ponytails.

  9. I have so been there with our daughter who has a love/hate relationship with our “hair cut girl”. I can’t cut straight worth a hoot, so I’ve been banned forever from scissors!

    For all your heartache, I think you did a terrific job, much better than I would’ve!

  10. Good thing anything seems to go these days with haircuts ;), she’s right in style!

  11. Just let her have crooked hair.

    We’ve been blessed that our daycare provider also cuts hair- used to for a living. Now, in her kitchen. Zach gets his haircut after naptime about once a month. Teagan goes in the evening every few months for a trim- I just do bangs. 🙂

  12. My mom always cut our hair growing up…they weren’t the most sylish cuts…just enough to keep the hair out of my face. Actually, the cut resembled a bowl cut/mullet look. I wouldn’t even think about cutting my kids hair now and he just gets it buzzed off. I guess I was scarred…however, Mom did cut his hair when he was little because taking him to get his hair cut was worse than going to the dentist. So, I can definitely understand your dilemma!

  13. Love those days! Duct tape works great. Just duct tape them to the chair and away you go!

  14. Love those days! Duct tape works great. Just duct tape them to the chair and away you go!

  15. I think it looks pretty good! Cutting hair is SOOO not for me. I get too nervous. Actually, my hubby and son have been getting their hair cut together at a kids salon here in Woodbury since Zach was about a year old. They have little flatscreen TV’s right at the station. My son was mesmerized and his stylist is really gentle. Email me if you want the info! 🙂

  16. 2 little snippets (no pun intended) for you.

    I’ve never cut any of my girls’ hair, but when my Olivia was a little girl, I walked into the family room and saw all this golden hair all over the carpet. I just kept thinking, please let it be the doll’s hair. Olivia had a pair of safety scissors in her hair and she’d cut her bangs all the way to the root, all the way across. It was horrible. I burst into tears at the sight of her. She kept telling me, “I’ll glue it back, Mamma.”

    Then there was the time she was much older, a teenager and she asked me to use one of those home kits to highlight her hair. I have never attempted anything like that in my life. The whole time I was doing it, with my dramatical self, I just kept saying, “I have no idea what I’m doing! This is going to turn out so bad!” It didn’t turn out bad. But she never asked me again.

  17. I always do follow-ups, too. A mom can’t be expected to do it on the first try!

  18. You are a braver woman than me to even attempt it! Does the Kids Barber have a TV screen at the chair? In our area we have a Snipit’s, and while my kids are not afraid of the stylists the TV screens hold their attention away from anything the stranger with the scissors might be doing.

    • Yes, they have it all, but she really just hates the stranger being so near to her. I have been taking her to just watch other kids get their haircut so I am hoping a little peer pressure works!

  19. My daughter likes it better if I cut her hair too. Thankfully she has enough curl that slight inconsistency in straightness isn’t noticeable.

    The picture looks cute – I think it is time to put the scissors down.

  20. I CANNOT cut hair. My husband once said I should be able to cut the kids hair after all I was a mom. As if it is suddenly coded in your genes when you give birth. I bring the kids into the barber (even my two year-old girl) I also bring my husband and he restrains her because I am not strong enough to do so. I think you did a great job!

  21. I used to save $ by cutting my girls hair. I mean, how hard is that? Well, when they got to be teens, I cut my oldest’s hair not so straight. She was done with me. Then one time I tried color ing my 2nd daughter’s hair. She ended up with black hair! They were done with me!

    I think your daughter’s short do is adorable. Thank goodness your mom was around for that motherly authority to get you to put those scissors down!

  22. I have get my girls’ hair cut. Aiyana’s needs it because it is growing out very long and there are lots of knots. Chloe can use a trim, if I want her to have bangs. If not, I will just grow those babies out too.

    Who knows, but hopefully I will not have the same experience! That reminds me of the time my dad cut the back of my hair in a “v” shape. It was the 80’s and he thought it was the style. Not so much!

  23. You are a brave woman!

  24. this entry makes me smile. i used to cut my own hair and i’d go through the same thing with my own head. imagine holding a mirror in front of me with one hand, looking at the reflection in the mirror behind me, and cutting with the other hand.

    that’s when i decided “layering” was a good idea.

  25. The only hair I’ve ever tried to cut on my children is their bangs. It never turns out, trust me. Picture Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber. Luckily, my daughters love going to the salon and sit very still for “Miss Kimberly” their personal stylist. I only learned a few weeks ago that Miss Kimberly doesn’t cut any other kids hair. She said she doesn’t like kids. Who knew?!

  26. I had a traumatic experience when my mom tried to cut my hair back in the day. I ended up going to school with half my head shaved. It was terrible. You didn’t do a bad job. At least she is not bald.

  27. Awww, I could never cut someone’s hair. I give you credit, it doesn’t look bad at all. Don’t they have these kid cut places now where they have all sorts of distractions to make them love going for haircuts. Maybe it’s just a Jersey thing. I love that, “Put the scissors down!!” Ha ha! Like a weapon 🙂

  28. I stopped cutting hair when my daughter moved around so much I ended up cutting myself and drawing blood. thank goodness my brother is now a licensed stylist!!

  29. I feel your pain. You saw what happened to Scooby right? Only difference is he inflicted the 1st vicious slice that left his bangs non existent. 😦

    I have to tell you that it looks cute though. And, as everyone so sweetly told me when I shared the horror of my son’s haircut, “It’s hair, it will grow!”

    Yeah, that didn’t work did it?

    *Sob* We can cry together.

  30. When the boys were young we used to clipper their hair. Then they all went through the stage of wanting longer hair, wax, putty, you name it they styled it. Now they clipper their own hair!

  31. I was tempted to do my son’s then chickened out. (BTW, looks pretty straight to me.)

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