We Almost Had a Bruiser…

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I received an email from Tyler at 7:30 AM.  It said, “What do you think?”   I read the forwarded message attached and basically it was about us getting:

A new dog!

This dog, Bruiser, is a 4 year old chocolate lab.  It was also his good friend, Linda’s, dog.  Linda passed away in January from cancer and it devastated Tyler from the moment he found out July 2009.

Of course my reply to taking, her dog, Bruiser was, “Yes, let’s meet him.”

Tyler was astounded that I had said yes.

I figured if he didn’t want the dog, he never would have sent the email.  Not to mention, Bruiser was Linda’s… I mean… HELLO!  What am I a cold hearted person?

Now, my stance on us getting a new dog is that we will wait until Jack is 5 or 6 and then we will get a puppy.

Everybody knows this.

I like having 1 dog.  1 friend.  1 companion.

I do not miss 2 dogs running around and playing in the house.

I do not miss vacuuming up 2 dogs worth of dog hair.

However, I do love Tyler with all of my might and Jack is just not catching on to the fact that he needs to lick up the food that falls onto the floor.

And I am getting tired of that.

So we drove 90 minutes to meet Bruiser.

Let’s just say, the dog fit the name. 

This big, ole giant slobbererer ran 90 MPH up to me with a ball and became my new BFF.

He was nice and friendly and did everything I asked of him… then he met Jack, who detests all other dogs.

Jack barked.  Bruiser didn’t care.

Jack lunged and growled.  Bruiser didn’t care.

Jack heard the girls talking in the car and had to go and check on them.  Bruiser didn’t care.

I squealed when I thought I stepped in poop.  Bruiser didn’t care.

But Jack did.

My buddy.  He cared.

He didn’t even care that his favorite ball was being thrown.  He cared about me.  My safety.  My girls.

He just wanted to be around us and make sure we, his people, were alright.

We said good-bye to Bruiser and got back into the car.

Tyler said it and I agreed:

“Bruiser was a perfect dog, just not for us.”

We have our perfect dog already.

Crumbs on the floor and all.


26 responses to “We Almost Had a Bruiser…

  1. It’s great that you both agreed. Would have been terrible if one had been for and one against.

  2. You are so right. The dog has to fit the family. All dogs and other animals have their own personality and it has to match . You are very wise to determine that before the move-in.

    I have friends who have dogs I wouldn’t own and I’m sure some feel the same about mine, however I can not imagine that with my little angels. ha

  3. Aw, what a good boy, Jack! 😀

  4. Jack looks lovely! Bruiser sounded a bit, ummm bruiserish!

  5. I truly think that dogs pick their owners. It’s not that Bruiser didn’t love you guys, but Jack knew you all were HIS and he wanted to keep it that way!

  6. In my experience it’s important not to get a new dog before you’re ready. The dog love of my life died when I was 16. It was horrible because he was only 4-years-old. My parents got a new dog less than a year later. I never warmed up to that replacement dog. It seems like when the timing is close (for me anyway) it’s too easy to make that comparison. That’s not how Gus did it and such.

    The right dog will find you when it’s time.

    • My parents had a dog named strider. Strider was better than Lassie! When Strider died, they got another dog and named her Strider 2!!! How do you think that worked out?!

  7. I am sure Bruiser was lovely, but if it’s not for you then it’s not for you… when the time is right and when you are ready, you will get another dog that fits your family.

  8. I think you guys were wise….and I’m glad you both agreed. It has to be hard to NOT take the dog since he belonged to your hubby’s friend, but at the same time, I think you all realized (including Jack) that Bruiser was not the dog for your family! We had to put our dog down earlier this year (she had permanent nerve damage in her hindquarters and would only have gotten worse with greater pain) and while I miss her, I don’t think we are ready to move forward with another. But maybe in a few years…

  9. awwww, helped you really appreciate the dog that you have. Seems like a perfect fit for your family 🙂

  10. Sounds like the right choice. Me, I’ve been bamboozled. Trying to get in my blogging in between “house breaking trips” as I write this. But the old dog, is in love with this new trick : )
    I love your dogs ears, he’s such a cutie!

  11. I also thought it was very sentimental of Tyler to want to take care of Bruiser now that his friend is gone… and sensible of him to realize that someone will take care of Bruiser, but he needs to take care of his family and Jack. A good man!

  12. Awww – hi Jack! Sweet boy!

  13. Awww…Jack is so sweet!!

  14. Great post. I was at the edge of my seat the whole way along wondering what you would decide. We had lots of animals when we were kids, but now I am allergic and we can’t have anything with fur or feathers. I know its a big bummer for the kids, but I’m kinda glad I don’t have to clean up after anyone else at this point. We’ve got enough psychosis and dirt around this house as it is. (But your dog does sound like a sweetheart. If I had one, it would be just like him!)

  15. I’m sure when the time is right you all will find the perfect puppy to add to your family and everyone, including Jack, will be in love. Tyler and you both rock for wanting to take in her pup, I’m sure Bruiser will find a great home.

  16. Awwwwwwww….I just adore Jack. Man’s best friend in every sense of the word.

  17. You know I’m an old softy when it comes to dogs, but you were right to check to see if he “fit” with your family. (I’m liking your dog Jack more and more…)

  18. What an elegant fellow Jack is! The last thing you need is chocolate lab slobber on that pretty white coat. And what kind of name is Bruiser for a family dog? You were wise to pass on him.

  19. I’m sure Bruiser will be a perfect fit for another family who will make him crazy happy! What a sweetie pie that Jack is. 🙂

  20. Isn’t it great how the universe can just kind of slap you in the face and say “snap out of it”? Sweet story.

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