It's Not You, It's Me…

{Wednesday, July 14th is 77kids Do Good Day.  I will be writing about how I will be doing “good.”  How will you do good on Wednesday?  Do a Random Act of Kindness with me and link up!}

So…  How is your summer going?

Mine is going along with lightening speed and no matter how hard I try to make it stop, it won’t.

This is also my first summer writing and most days I feel like I am letting the world down.

Ok… well… that may be a tad on the dramatic side, but you get the idea.

I came across this site, Shades of Blue and Green, and I thought the idea was so super cool:

I am a P.O.S. – Prisoner of Summer

She has a ton of buttons to choose from and all of them mean one thing:

It is summer and I am doing the best I can.  Period.

I do feel the guilt.  Every single day.

I can’t help it – it is just who I am.  If you have been with me for awhile you know how I was pre-summer.  I returned every single comment and was very attentive.

And now?  Well, Vanessa, Much More Than Mommy, is my friend and she had to send me an email telling me to get over to see her vlog!!  I felt horrible, but I got my busy self over to her fantastic vlog, ASAP!

I want to say Thank You to everyone who comes here every single day and reads what I have to say.  I know exactly who you are and I won’t forget it.

Every comment, every email and award, I do really cherish.  Especially now in the summer because I KNOW how busy we all are and how time is oh so precious.


Do you know that Sarah turns 3 years old on July 19th

3 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Emily is 10, so I know how fast it all goes.

Someday I will have all of the time in the world.

But I won’t have anyone to picnic with, or to collect rocks with, and nobody is going to ask me to push them on the swing.

I will never, ever get this time back again with my girls, but someday I will have all of the time in the world to sit at my computer and work.

I am the mom on the first day back to school that sobs after I have said my goodbyes.

Kids win over work every day in the summer.

I am working on the blog guilt, but mom guilt? That is the kind of guilt I just can NOT handle.

Thank you for your continued loyalty; it’s not you, it’s me.

How are you handling the summer?  Do you feel guilty trying to fit it all in?


58 responses to “It's Not You, It's Me…

  1. I already wrote about feeling guilty for not posting as much. It makes me feel like I am disappointing everyone. But really, I need to just be okay with it and not put so much pressure on myself!

    Happy early birthday to Sarah!

  2. I love Much More than Mommy, too!

    My guilt is even more so, since I’m pregnant and huge and can’t do all of those summer things that I originally planned on doing. Hmm… they should at least be happy with a sister next month 😉

    • I remember that. Sarah was a July baby and I remember dragging myself to the zoo with her sister in august and I really felt awful, but I dragged myself anyway!! I am happy that time is over.

      2 more days!!!!

  3. You’re a doll for the linky love!!!! I hope that eases your guilt a little, but you know I so understand.

    Just as I came back refreshed and ready to post, my netbook gave me the finger and the bloggy momentum is yet again in idle, but I’m keeping good notes on the ideas that come in between sweaty basketball games with the 7-year-old and playing “traffic jam” with the 4-year-old. Maybe by September?

    Happiest of birthdays to Sarah!

    P.S. I cry on the first day as well.

  4. No need to feel guilty for not writing, you are doing something much more important – mommying! Enjoy the precious time with your children, summer is supposed to be so much fun.

    Happy early birthday Sarah! Time sure does fly.

    And I’m a cryer too, you aren’t alone. I cry on random days when I drop C off at daycare. 😦 Terrible…

  5. There’s just not as much time in the summer. I do find though that my blog is less demanding when I’m spending less time “advertising” it. Your blessed that the loyalty lasts even in times of neglect!

  6. Oh, honey- I know exactly what you’re saying! I am guilty of ignoring my own blog and my comments on others, too! I am summer-lazy or something! But, DO spend as much time as you can with your kids. You can always blog, but you can never watch your children grow up again…

    • I miss you Rae. I am so sorry I have not been around. Who does that song? “See you in September?” I will be by before that, but I think I will be taking a blogcation at the end of August for the final days of summer.

  7. I think we are having a great summer so far! I haven’t posted in over a week, but I’ve had bronchitis! So that was a blip in the summer I guess!

  8. Something I’ve enjoyed is a new offering at Half Past Kissing Time. Mrs4444 does a “Saturday Sampling” where she invites readers to post a link to what they’ve written this week that they think is really great and not to be missed. Maybe you could do something similar?

  9. Aww… Don’t feel guilty! You are doing what matters most – playing with your babies. Summer is just too short to miss out on all of the fun you can have with your kiddos. Everyone goes through this guilt whether they work at home or outside the home. I teach and I sometimes feel like I have to choose between giving my attention to my students, or giving my attention to my kids. My kids win out most of the time and that’s just the way it should be. You have a great blog and I’ll come and read it no matter whether you post 10 times a day or once a week. 🙂

  10. Hey, don’t feel bad. It’s happening everywhere.

    As far as the first day of school goes, well, our family can’t go ANYwhere starting Aug. 1 because I’m such a nervous wreck about school starting up later in the month. Our daughter only has 2 more years of high school left, so you know how THAT first day will turn out!

    And I always ask my husband to stay home and help me drive the kids to school because I’m crying too much to see where I’m going!

    • I know it is, but still I have my own way that I like to do things. I am a little anal with the blogging sometimes 🙂

      Emily wants to school supply shop this week to get it all over with so we don’t have to think about school at all!

  11. Sounds like you’ve got the right perspective! Keep at what you’re doing…we won’t disappear! Hugs. Happy summer!

  12. First of all…you are forbidden to respond to this comment. You are so amazing to reply to everyone! I just don’t have the time and don’t know where you find it! Whew, now that that’s out of the way…

    I don’t cry anymore. I used to though, especially when they were little! Last Fall I had my oldest…in college…take a photo of herself on her first day of school b/c I wasn’t there to do it. Ok, I did cry. I’m such a liar. My first time NOT being with my “little” girl on her first day of school.


    • Ha ha you can stop me!!!

      Naptime is where I find the time and right now Emily is reading so I have a little free time. When Sarah stops napping – OH NO! what will happen then?

  13. Don’t feel guilty…honestly, I would hope that you WOULD you put your family before your readers! I know for me that I didn’t read a single blog on Saturday…but I had the best day with my family & friends! To me, that’s what’s important.

    And I, too, feel like summer is slipping away so quickly! In 2 weeks, Dylan begins soccer tryouts…that means that school is just around the corner. Where did it all go???

    Enjoy the rest of the summer…we here in blogland will see you when we see you!

    • I always take weekends off so to speak except for naptime, then if nobody needs me I slip in some time!

      Soccer tryouts already? Although, EMily wants to go school supply shopping this week and I am agast!!!

  14. This summer is the busiest of my life and I feel guilt ALWAYS. All the time. About everything. But that’s just how I roll! And that is why I drink 🙂

  15. Awww! What are you doing for her birthday? Maddie turns 2 on the 22nd!

  16. Well I didn’t feel guilty until I read your post today. Now I have mom guilt. Guilt is bad! I don’t like guilt!

  17. NO GUILT! No blog guilt, no mom guilt! But especially no guilt if I don’t see you at my place — that’s why I emailed, it was one little thing I thought you might get a kick out of! 🙂 Unless you’re getting paid to blog, it should just be a creative outlet and I hope that I remember that too — some days I don’t know why I feel the need to post every day, and then I stress myself out over catching up on reading at the end of the weekend, etc. I have to stop that — I have a life, so does every other writer/blogger!! We all need to remember that! 🙂

  18. Well, you have talked me off the ledge of blog guilt many a time. Here’s what I have to say to you, you do an amazing job and everyone of us, understands because we, too, are moms and dads and husbands and wives with lives other than our blogs. Although sometimes, I prefer my blog life.

    I mean, here I am, feeling incredibly guilty because I have yet to respond to your last email to me. But I should know better.

    Relax. Enjoy the summer and your new venture and most importantly your girls. We’ll all see each other, when we see each other.

  19. I know all about the blog guilt. Your time with your daughters is more important though than anything else. We will never get that time back. I’ll probably be crying to when Em goes to preschool in the fall.

  20. Kids grow up way to fast to miss a single minute! Post when you can and don’t feel a bit guilty. I’ll be here, regardless.

  21. What a genius idea. I am really lucky because I have to come into work and spend time in the evenings in front of a computer. But, when I am off…I am off. Sad, but true.
    Hope you enjoy the month…can you believe it…left. Sniffles.

  22. I’m actually really glad you wrote this, because I really did think it was me.

    • OMG the gullible one in me totally fell for this and then I realized your humor and wit and then I laughed. I love you. You are so funny with what you write and how you do it. I just am a blogslacker. I am sorry.

  23. I know what you mean. I try to write and update as much as I can…simple posts with pictures will just have to do! Sadly, not much time to read blogs and comment but I do my best.

    Enjoy the time with your girls – it’s summer!!! I’m busy too with my boys!

  24. I’ve been trying to get better with writing, but with summer here and it so freak’n hot, I just don’t want to sit at the computer and do it. Plus, having a 2 year old that is prodding and poking you and momma, momma, momma, momma, tends to keep you busy.

  25. I can honestly tell you that I have no guilt because am not a mommy to “human children”. My furry babies can kind of entertain themselves as long as they have fresh water, plenty of food and in the case of the little dog get out to do his business everything is hunky dory. I am in the exact opposite direction of not having enough time, I have too much. I do not work outside the home, cannot volunteer at much because locally there is nothing needed as plenty of people already for everything and with my lovely bad back cannot do too much for anyone else anyway. I enjoy reading and do not comment as much on all posts as used to. Blame that on the fact have so many hundreds of posts out there cannot keep up and comment, skim for the most part and go on to something else that catches my fancy! No guilt though, you are spending precious time with precious people who should come first!! I applaud your ability to do s. In this day and age too many parents spend no time with their offspring and I am not sure why they even had them in the first place…
    Cherish and enjoy without reservation all the fleeting moments you have only one chance and then they are gone!

    jackie ^_^

    • What you said about people not spending time with their kids bothers me too. Kids are what I have always wanted in life. Not fame or money or success, just love and kids and I have both. Everything else is a bonus and can wait!

  26. “I will never, ever get this time back again with my girls, but someday I will have all of the time in the world to sit at my computer and work.” — So true. We’re allowed to take time for ourselves. No guilt. 😉

  27. Stopping in to say hello and love your post! I feel guilty sometimes, too. Hope your summer is going great…and Happy Early Birthday to the cutie patootie! 3 is a great year! Love the little ones.

  28. Summer is tough – I always want to soak up every second! But we all do the best that we can with what we have. Happy 3rd birthday to your youngest! 🙂

  29. Time with family is very precious. I’ve bee thinking a lot about restructuring my life so I can spend more time with my children. I work a full time job and it really does not leave much time with them.

    I have not been round for some time, so I know how you feel!

  30. I re-read your post again today. (Trying to make my guilt about not blog commenting a little less painful…)
    But, anyway- the whole thing reminds me of a poem that I DID NOT write, but that I painted around the ceiling of my first grand-baby’s room.
    ” Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow-
    For babies grow up- so much to our sorrow.
    So, hush away cobwebs! Dust, go to sleep!
    Cuz I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep…”

    • So I read that yesterday and I really did shed a tear or two. Thank you.

      It is so true and I so agree. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in doing everything, cleaning, blogging, etc… That I need to stop and play. I do play a LOT but you can never play too much. Most 16 yr old wont play playdoh, right?

  31. I don’t think I feel guilt and I’m a grandmother. I AM astonished that where I used to read and comment on blogs every day, Now it’s more like once a week. You blogs that come to my e-mail are read more often. Yay.

    I’ll be traveling for two months in two weeks. I won’t have computer access all the time so I thought that is when I would get behind. I’ve got a head start on getting behind. hmm.

    Happy birthday to your daughter and bless you all with grace and ease all summer and always. My days at home with my children are among my most treasured.

    • That was a beautiful thought, thank you.

      You know, the reason I am a stay at home mom is because I don’t think you can do it all and give 100% to everyone and I would much rather be with the girls. I guess I am practicing too, like you.

      I never want to have regrets with the things I wanted most out of life.

  32. Wow! You made me get all choked up! Mom Guilt vs. Blog Guilt – well said, my friend.

  33. I really do feel guilty. I feel like I have abandoned my readers sometimes. I can only fit so many comments in in an evening, and it usually ends up being 3 or 4 am before I even know it!!

    I try to visit during nap time, etc. I just can’t do those drive by comments that I see so many people do, not to my friends. I totally get how you feel. My kids are reaping the benefits of my lack of blogging time though, so at least there’s no guilt in other areas.

    That POS idea was a fabulous one. I’ve used it when the days got overwhelming.

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