Feel Good Friday Has Moved!


How are you?  I am good.

I miss you.

Let’s see… I solved a mystery illness of mine about why I have been so tired.

Sarah turned 3 on Monday and according to her she is “Super Proud!”

Emily’s softball tournament was SO much fun.  She even hit a triple pushing her team into the lead!!  And then they lost the lead and lost 😦

Tyler’s dad will be here in 4 hours to stay with us for a week and the house is clean and passes my inspection.

I have a lot to feel good about this week… how about YOU?


Feel Good Friday is still planned for this week.  I owe many thanks to Liz at Eternal Lizdom for being the HOST for this week!!

Choose your prompt, write your post and link up with my friend over here!

Eternal Lizdom

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

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