I’m Back for 1 Day Only… and on TV?

In case you haven’t heard, there is something in the works for a Mom Blog Reality Show.  They wish to interview moms in different niches about their social media activity.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

I do have a lot to say on the matter, but I need to keep my submission to 500 words or less.  You will just have to wait to hear my thoughts later.  So here goes:

Who Am I?

I am Erika.  The term Mommy Blogger, maybe, doesn’t quite fit me.  I do sometimes bristle at the category.  Yes, I am a Mommy, but there is so much more…

I write about everything.  I started writing in the Fall of 2009 because I wanted to tell the stories of my life.  I have one simple goal in my writing:

To make people smile, laugh and feel good.

Why Am I Unique?

I think there is a distinct feel to my writing.  No matter what the subject is, it is upbeat, fun and positive.  I can’t help it because that is who I am.  It is just how I look at life and I try to convey that as much as possible to my readers.

In January 2010, I created a meme called Feel Good Friday.  I did it because in my own life I feel that no matter how bad or sad or frustrating life is; there is always something to feel good about.

Our dog had cancer, my husband’s best friend was dying of cancer, his mother also was diagnosed with cancer, I had been sick in bed for 17 days, yet, there were still things to feel good about.

You have to look for it, train your mind to find it and life is so much better when you do.

Where Am I Going?  What Am I Doing?

It is the old phrase, “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!”

I started blogging with a simple goal of seeing if there were people in the world that would enjoy my point-of-view, who would laugh with me and at me… and they do!

My blog quickly took off in the winter of 2010 and yes, sometimes it is a little overwhelming trying to fit it all in.  My family is truly my first priority.  Blogging is still so new to me and I am still learning to find the right balance.

I could just write with no communication whatsoever, but I don’t and I won’t.  Blogging, to me, is about the relationships with others, the interactions and the discussions.  I am letting people into my thoughts and my world.  Communication is vital.

As for the future?  I just want to keep on making people smile.  The emails I receive telling me how I have made someone’s day better or brighter makes it all worthwhile.

Coming Soon…?

You have already seen the infamous vlog… so, would you want to see me on TV?

**Yes, I am still on my blogcation.  I will be back next week refreshed and raring to go!!**


35 responses to “I’m Back for 1 Day Only… and on TV?

  1. I would so love to see you on TV! I think what you have done by being such a positive person is not only make your followers days a little brighter but everyone who comes in contact with you personally has to be touched by the joy you seem to bring also. I am not as upbeat, do try and having some of the people on the blogs share so many wonderful stories has helped. Life is all about the choices we make and if we live it like there is only today and this moment and make the best of every moment it is so much sweeter! I hope it works out and man oh man would that be the coolest thing ever, I know that woman Erika off the Internet!

    Good luck and see you on the little square box !

    jackie ^_^

  2. Wow! You have my vote to be on the boob tube! That is something else…. exciting as all get out for one thing! Can’t wait to say ” I knew her when…”! 🙂

  3. Of course we would want to see you on TV!! That would be so awesome!! I always say that I have a great face for radio so I think TV is out for me 🙂

  4. On TV? Of course, you are pretty darn cool in real life, I’d love to see you on my (not-so-big) screen!

    • Thank you! Although I was pretty nervous just to do a vlog, somi don’t know what this would be like, but it sure would be fun to write about!!!!

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  6. So, you’re doing this?!!! You would rock at it, my friend. Gigi from Kludgy Mom is also trying out and I would love to see two of my best bloggy friends on the TV. I’m not going to bother you on sabbatical, but let me know what’s up when you have a chance. I’ll do what I can (but I don’t Twitter) to get out the vote. Good luck! So fun.

    • Hmmmm…..yes. I am trying. It is not me, but I will explain why next Monday. I am kind of doing it on a lark, because I am blond and can be stupid. They wont pick me anyway. I am not a huge blog personality, so I can breathe easier knowing that.

      Yes, I am on week 2 of my blog break. Tylers dad is here and it has been non stop busy, busy. Emily goes to her dads on Sunday so I am looking forward to a tiny break. Although, by day 3 I will be morose. Also, and I can’t say it here, but we have some exciting news!!!!!!!! Not a baby…never a baby.

  7. How exciting! This would be something I’d watch, for sure. We need more humorous family t.v. – I’m tired of the drama-type, drama-queen reality shows…but I’d watch you on tv in a minute!

    • Thank you and that is precisely why I wouldn’t get picked. I am drama free and that means low ratings for any TV show. People like drama, but at least I tried. Tyler and Emily egged me on.

  8. oh cool is that! I am the same way about the overwhelmingness of the blog! I hope you are feeling better 17 days is a long time to not be yourself!

    • Oh!! I am fine!!! That all happened in November and December when I decided to start Feel Good Friday.

      And yes, summer plus the blog is overwhelming. I need a break from my break! I have been SO busy!

  9. I hope you’re enjoying your vacation!!!

  10. Your blog does make me smile and laugh, that’s why I come.

    I would watch if you were on tv.

  11. Wow sounds like a fun opportunity, can I join you?

  12. I hope your blogcation is going well! I can’t wait until you come back! I have a wonderful Feel Good Friday ready to go!

    I think you would do great on the Mom Blog Reality show! I love you so why wouldn’t everyone else?!?

    Talk with you later!

  13. Oh, you’d be fantastic on tv! I think you would have a lot to offer a reality show about bloggers!

  14. I saw an add for this too. I think you would be a good candid for it. You will be more interesting than a straight mommy blogger though I am sure they will have a well round bunch of people in the group.

  15. Would LOVE to see you on TV! The best of luck to you!!

  16. I think that you would be great on tv . . . good luck in this. Hope you make the cut.

  17. Good luck in the competition!

  18. I think you’d be great on TV! And while you’re at it, make sure they throw your mom into the mix as well!

  19. Good luck! Following via MBC!


  20. That sounds really cool! I’d watch, obviously!! Good luck. 🙂

  21. Yay! I’m glad to see you, and I would LOVE to see you on tv. Good luck!

  22. I saw something about the Project Mom Casting on facebook. You should definitely do it!

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