Marley and Me and Tyler and Emily and Jack


**This post was written way back in June before… well… you will just have to wait and see what I am talking about in tomorrow’s post!!

Emily wanted to watch a movie tonight so she searched through our external DVR and came across “Marley and Me”.

I had taped it a long time ago.  Even before Emma, our Golden Retriever, got cancer and eventually died in May.

We have never seen it.

It has been the general rule around this house, that we are not watching this movie for a long time… like years.

But on this night, Tyler told Emily that the two of them would watch it so that I could blog.

I think Tyler must be a glutton for punishment after everything we have been through, and even though I sit here on my computer with one ear to the TV, I can’t help but watch.

And someone else is watching too.

I guess Jack understands what Marley is saying.

Jack found this part funny.

…And this part interesting.

I would have taken a picture of Jack’s reaction to the end of the movie, but I was too busy crying my eyes out.

Thanks Tyler.   You’re the best.

Jack is picking the next movie.  He is thinking about “Cujo” – just so you know.


41 responses to “Marley and Me and Tyler and Emily and Jack

  1. I still haven’t seen that movie, and I don’t plan to either! I’m looking forward to tomorrows post!!

  2. Even though I had read the book and thought I was immune to the ending (after already crying my eyes out), I still cried at the end. That was a good movie (even as good as the book).

  3. you cannot watch that movie and not cry. It is quite touching. Cujo has the complete opposite effect.

  4. I’ve read the book, but not seen the movie. I don’t know how the movie could be as good as the book. the book was just out of this world. I didn’t want to ruin it.

    But, maybe it was just as good?

    I remember CUJO! Scared the heck out of me…

  5. I had always hoped my dogs would watch TV- like the puppies in 101 Dalmations. But no interest…

    So I totally adore Jack watching the movie and being all into it!!

  6. Those were such cute photos of Jack watching the movie! I would’ve been blubbering also. Can’t believe it’s been since May that Emma has been gone! I think you should nix the next movie!

    • I know. I write every day on my wall calendar about what happens and I was looking back. We really have had quite a couple of rough months.

      Jack is weird about TV, he will totally watch it. He gets up close when The Wonder Pets are on!! Maybe he needs to be saved?!

  7. I was a mess by the end of that movie! Loved it, but NEVER want to see it again!

  8. Oh my gosh, we watched that movie on vacation. I cried my eyes out too. I can’t believe you guys were brave enough to watch it!!

    The pics of your dog are great! My dog would be up with her paws on the tv.

  9. I think our dogs might be twins!! lol The resemblance is uncanny.

    That movie is VERY heart-wrenching. I sometimes call my dog Marley when he’s being bad because no matter what we love him, despite his imperfections.

  10. That is the most depressing movie, I have been in that situation with an owner now 3 times, even though I haven’t own a dog in 40 years. Who ever thought making that movie would be a good idea. Ain’t movies supposed to pick you up.

  11. I love the pictures. That’s hilarious.

    I cried my eyes out watching Marley and Me.

  12. I still haven’t watched it. I am a sucker for sad movies and seriously ball my eyes out! Yesterday we watched Everyone’s Fine and man, I was sobbing like a baby…lol.

    I do want to watch it and will, one day.

    Love how into it Jack is…did he cry at the end?

    • OK so I just put Everybody’s Fine on my Netflix queue. I might have to rethink that one. I hate crying!

      Ha! Jack didn’t cry, but after it was over we were all talking about Emma (our dead dog) and every time one of us said her name, Jack would look for her. That was even sadder!

  13. I have not seen that movie and I don’t plan to. I would cry WAY too much!

  14. Awwwww…what a sweetie and what expressions throughout the movie!

  15. We waited a while to see this movie too-in fact, we rented it last Friday. Both my daughter and I cried our eyes out, my son had no reaction, and my husband refused to watch. I’m with you-let jack pick the next movie. LOL!

  16. I still haven’t see it just because I knew all about how much of a cryfest it would be, but these pictures are so great. I love seeing Jack’s emotions! 🙂 (He is so BIG now!!)

  17. Yeah, I don’t want to see that movie either, because like you, I know how it ends and I would be crying my butt off. Love the pics of Jack.

  18. I was disappointed that Marley & Me was so stinking sad. I was expecting a lighthearted comedy and boy was I surprised.

    I can’t even imagine watching that with your family. I hope you had enough tissues.

  19. I can’t even watch the Marley and Me previews without wanting to bawl my eyes out. You guys are so brave. 😦

  20. OMG I didn’t know that movie was so sad! Me and my oldest son watched it when my husband and other son were away for the weekend and I sat there and cried and cried. Great movie but so sad!


  21. I haven’t seen that movie, but it was brave of you all to watch a dog movie of any kind!

    I loved the photos of Jack watching TV. And I can’t wait until Friday!

  22. We havent seen the movie yet either, but I can’t help but love that Jack was watching it.

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