See Jack Be Sad. See Erika Make It Better.

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This is Jack.

Jack is sad.

Many of you know we put our 7 year old Golden Retriever, Emma, to sleep in May.  She died from Bone Cancer.  We were devastated.

Since then we have been overwhelming Jack with even more love and attention than before, but you know what?

Jack is still sad.

Yes, he runs like wild when we play ball and he loves his walks, but it is not possible to do that with him 24 hours a day.

And I have been watching him.

And my heart has slowly been breaking for him because I remember how he was before Emma died compared to how he is now.

And then one day Tyler told me that his friend Keith at work was looking into getting a British Black Lab for his family.  I had never heard of that breed before so I looked them up out of curiosity.

After I got done reading about the breed’s characteristics and saw pictures, my heart opened up and I knew for certain that this was our new family member.

The funny thing is, if I hadn’t been on my blogcation I would not have taken the time to look up this breed, but since I had a little extra time on my hand’s, I did.  It was fate.


And I ached for this dog.


Suddenly everything I had said before about not getting another dog for a few years, or hating the extra dog hair, the running in the house, and the extra money seemed completely miniscule compared to the love and joy and happiness this new friend would bring us all.

Now we all know that Tyler and Emily would have gone out and gotten another dog the day after we put Emma to sleep if I had given the okay; so you can imagine their disbelief when I told them how I had changed my mind.

You see, this is a perfect example of the “Grows Up” in my blog title. 


In May I was vehemently against getting a new dog.  I just wanted to love Jack.

But because I love Jack so much and because I am with him all day, I realize that this is what we both need and want.  Suddenly, I don’t care how much time and work it takes to train a puppy. 

Or should I say, train “Millie!”

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our Puppy Quest and on Friday I have the best Feel Good Friday ever!!!!  Stay tuned…


31 responses to “See Jack Be Sad. See Erika Make It Better.

  1. I love a happy ending! Can’t wait to see pics & hear all about her.

  2. Grrr….you are really dragging this out on me!! I must see pictures of this puppy! I’ll just have to wait though, and possibly drop an F bomb because that’s what VPs do 🙂

  3. Pics, pics, we need pics! I LOVE dogs, but have a severe allergy that doesn’t allow me to hae any breed, so I have to live vicariously through your posts and pics…!

  4. No pictures? Leaving us hanging? No!!!!

  5. I’m so glad you made the decision. I do think that Jack needs a friend. Can’t wait to see the pics….:))

  6. CAn’t wait to see the pictures of this breed!

  7. Oh this is exciting! And really, how much more hair can there be from 2 dogs rather than one?

  8. Yay for Millie! I can’t wait to hear more about her!!! We wouldn’t want Jack to be sad? Obviously he needed a friend!

  9. New puppy brings so much fun and smiles. We are in a process training our Jack. It’s a long and slow process,lol.

  10. Well even though dogs are not my choice of household pets… I don’t have a choice. I’m glad you are all happy.

  11. Poor Jack.

    We had a rabbit that was best friends with the first dog we owned. They ran around the back yard together. When the rabbit died our dog wouldn’t come out of her dog house for days. That’s when we got our second dog…

    It worked.

    • Jack is SO happy!! He can’t stop watching her and being with her. It is so sweet! He even “parents” her and won’t let her get into trouble. It is so cool to watch. Emma did the same thing with Jack, but I never though Jack was mature enough to do it with a new puppy. I am glad he surprised me!

  12. Good for you! I can’t wait…

  13. Our dog died unexpectedly from the tainted food back in 2007. A month to the day after his death, we had a new puppy. And 9 months later, another puppy. My parents said we’d never own another dog, but the month we went without a dog was the most depressing month I’ve ever seen. We all just kinda of moped around, not sure what to do without having the added responsibility (and companionship) of a pooch. I’m not surprised you had a change of heart 😉

    • My parents had a dog. The best dog ever. They went right out and got another dog after Strider died. They named that dog Strider 2. No kidding. It didn’t bode well for her. She could never live up to the expectations. So I am glad we waited for awhile to get Millie.

  14. I can’t wait to see pictures of the new puppy.

  15. I’m peeking out from under my writer rock to say, sooooo exciting! Can’t wait for the big unveiling.

  16. How exciting! I can’t wait to see pics. My MIL was over watching the girls for a few days and she brought her dog, a bichon frisse (sp?). Em loves dogs and I was convinced she would beg and plead for a dog for her upcoming birthday. So far she hasn’t because she loves Maggie so much and according to her Maggie is her best friend. I think it is so sweet that Jack looks after Millie. Animals really do show human traits. How did you come up with her name? I know there is a story there, right:)

  17. Congratulations! I hope Jack enjoys his new friend as much as all of you will.

  18. Awww, this brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes we forget how very human our dogs can feel. I think it’s great that you were able to change your mind and open your heart to another pup.

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