We’re Goin’ on a Puppy Hunt. We’re Gonna Get a Great One!


{Guess what?  Feel Good Friday is being hosted by ME this week!!!!  I am so excited to be back.  I really missed my friends in the computer.  So write your posts and link up tomorrow!}

The minute I told Tyler my puppy plans, we were both off on a Puppy Hunt.  Calling and emailing all over the great state of Minnesota.

It’s a big state my friends.

We have certain criteria for our dogs.  We sort through anything that appears to be “shady.”  We eventually narrowed it down to a few breeders.  Some were big and some were small.  We were looking for the right fit for us.

Can anyone say, “Roadtrip?”

Since we were driving all over rural Minnesota we did bring the Potty Chair for Sarah.  We didn’t know how many miles it would be between the time she said she had to go potty and the time it would take to drive to a town with a potty.

Yes, we whipped out the Potty Chair in the following locations and no, I didn’t take any pictures, but OH how I wish I had!

Sarah peed alongside several dirt roads, off the highway, at a closed Farmer’s Market, under a bridge, but the absolute best was when we were on a dirt road by a farm with about 50 cows and calves staring at her.

My mom already slapped me upside the head for not getting a picture of that one.  Sarah peed while looking at the cows looking at her.

4 hours in the car.

8 episodes of SpongeBob.

$40.00 in gas.

Peeing alongside wildflowers and cows… PRICELESS.


It was on Day 2 of our Puppy Hunt that we found our Millie.  We spent 1 ½ hours playing with 5 ½ week old puppies trying to decide which one was potentially ours.

It was quite an experience to say the least.  But the decision was clear.  The puppies had been meticulously cared for and loved like real babies. 

They had a large shady fenced in backyard to run in.  They even had a little kiddie pool for splashing.  They had been driven around to get used to cars.  They had been played with by all ages of kids and adults and dogs.   They lived inside, but went potty OUTSIDE already!!!!   Can you believe it?

It was truly a puppy oasis.

The love and attention that had been given to these dogs that made all of the difference.  You could hear it in the man’s voice when he told us stories of each individual puppy, how much time he spent with them.

The 3 hour drive home went by in a flash with all of us squealing* and talking and making lists of things to buy and prepare for Millie for when we brought her home the following Friday.

We went on a Puppy Hunt.  We really got a great one!


*I need to point out that Tyler did not outwardly squeal, but I am sure he was squealing on the inside.



41 responses to “We’re Goin’ on a Puppy Hunt. We’re Gonna Get a Great One!

  1. So cute! Congratulations! Its so much fun to grow your family… and I know Jack will be beside himself!

    • Jack has really handled it better than I ever imagined. He is like a little Mommy and his naptime is really limited. He keeps a very close eye on her!

  2. That sounds exactly like the place where we found our Langley! DOH, and Millie is SUCH a cutie! Puppies are so much fun, but the hardest part of them is picking out just ONE—when we went to Langley’s breeders to pick her out, I was ready to bring home ALL her brothers and sisters!

    Oh my, have FUN with that little ball of pudge! : )

    • We are having fun. We went to a HUGE breeder first, but it was super impersonal. This guy loved his puppies so much. It was wonderful. Do you know that Tyler wants to breed Millie? OMG! He says it will be a fun experience. I was up until 1AM one night worrying about it. I ain’t birthin’ no babies!

  3. Awww! So adorable!!! A great little addition to your family!!! (BTW, we love “Going On A Bear Hunt” — we read it like 438 times a day)

  4. Millie is so cute! I know you will all enjoy her and squeal with delight…even your hubby! 🙂

    • I swear the girls and I squealed for an hour in the car and I kept looking at Tyler and laughing because he just doesn’t squeal. He did smile, though.

  5. It’s a PUPPY!!! Clappity Clap Clap (lots of giggling & jumping going on)


  6. Congratulations! Puppies are fun! We got ours back in March. 🙂

  7. She is beautiful! Black labs are my favorite. It sounds like you lucked out with a very caring breeder. She’ll be such a joy to your family. And potty trained, too! Man, you are beyond lucky!

    • No shit. She is only in her crate when we aren’t home or at night. Other than that she is really doing great and I still keep a very close eye on her. Puppies still have accidents, but I am hoping for none. Emma only had one, but it was during a storm and we didn’t have power, so I kind of don’t count that. I wasn’t going to send her outside!

  8. This exactly the way Tinkerbell acts when she gets around a puppy or a pot belly pig, or a kitten, or anything on four legs.

    You really should have taken pictures of the potty chair breaks they can make posters out of them now.

  9. Oh my heavens! Millie is absolutely adorable. It sounds like the search for Millie was definitely worth it. And the potty stops do sound priceless.

  10. Awww! You posted a picture! Thank you! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!


    Loved seeing you, too!!

  12. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! She is sooo cute!!! Congratulations on your new family addition. 🙂

  13. What a wonderful puppy hunt adventure! 🙂

  14. That’s so great! Ours is flying in this Friday! He’s a Shiba Inu puppy. It’s such a great feeling.

  15. Millie is an AWESOME dog name!! I’ve never had a girl dog, but I’m a big believer in human names for dog names (George, Joe and now Jack).

  16. Congratulations! Now Jack has someone to worry about, and he can forget his own depression! Have fun.

    • The minute we brought Millie home, Jack has stopped all of his little quirks that he has had since May! He isn’t neurotic anymore and is eating again!!!!

  17. Oh goodness, I get pee shy. I don’t think I would have been able to perform with all the animas staring at me, lol.

  18. Awww. Your puppy is adorable! (I love the way they were cared for.)

  19. Awwwww, Millie is soooo precious!!!!! She’s found herself a wonderful family!

    • Thanks Helene!!!! She really fits in well. On our way to get her I kept thinking, ” what am I doing? Have I lost my mind?”. But I am so super happy. She was meant to be here.

  20. I think we will be going on a hunt soon.

    Already potty trained? We might be driving up to Minnesota to get one of those!

    And yes, mom, pictures would have been great!

    • I know! Part of me wants to drive the 2 hours just to recreate it. I must cringe about not getting a pic every day!

      As far as the peeing outside? OMG!!!! I am still in awe. We really lucked out. That just doesn’t happen!

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