Feel Good Friday: Jack and Millie – The Vlog


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On the video you are going to see Jack put his mouth around Millie’s entire head.  Please note that he does not eat her, nor does he have any intention of eating her.

I think.

Also, you might be thinking that this is a great Feel Good Friday simply because we have Millie, however you are wrong.  It is great because Millie discovered the Ritz Bit that I carefully hid on the floor.  We now own a dog who will eat people food crumbs!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Have a fantastic weekend.



33 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Jack and Millie – The Vlog

  1. I am so happy you have a new puppy and friend for Jack. It is also sooo very nice to have you back.

    • Me too. I could watch them all day. Wait! I do!

      Thanks, it is so great to be back. I missed blogging, but was just too busy with the girls to be able to focus on it.

  2. Brand new BFFs!!! So cute!

  3. YAY! I’m so glad you’re back!

    Unfortunately, I can’t watch the video right now (work) but I will be back later to do so…I’m really intrigued about Jack having his mouth around her whole head LOL! But I am glad he has a companion of the same species again.

  4. Oh, how sweet! Are you sure Jack is not planning on eating her? It sure looked like he was!!

    P.S. I like your Elmo shirt, my daughter has the same one! Just jokers:)

  5. Millie is absolutely adorable!!! Her and Jack and going to be best buds.

    Maybe the crows were letting you know that is was about to rain?

    Happy Friday!

    P.S. I have a video as part of my ‘Feel Good Friday’ post too! Although it isn’t a vlog – it is a pretty cute video. Happy Friday!

  6. Awwww. How adorable. Jack has got a new best friend, whether or not he believes that right now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I too love the shirt, and my heart swells for Jack, who looks like he is overcoming his sadness.

  8. She’s sooo cute!! You are so funny! You’re such a mom! Millie won’t be little long. Seeing her next to Jack, it reminds me how quickly they get bigger! Kind of like our kids. =)


  9. Millie is so adorable. My baby girl loved this vlog, she sat her pointing at the screen saying dog and barking.

    • OH – that is sweet! I am going to have to get used to your new title. I am surprised I remembered it from yesterday! My memory isn’t that great these days.

  10. Great video! I loved your warning too:)

  11. Marvelous! Love doggies and esp puppies. Millie will be SO good for Jack and vice versa : )

  12. She is gorgeous!

    I am so jealous of the no accidents!

    Jack better enjoy being able to put his mouth around her head right now. It won’t last long! She’s going to be a big girl.

    Oh, and from someone who knows the ropes, she was checking things out, to see if he had any of those nursing teats baby puppies are so fond of. Jack was like, “What the Hell?'”, but that’s what she’s looking for. Puppies for a few months even after they’re weaned, look for that in adult dogs.

  13. Hi Everyone! This has not been a good week here at the Dollycas ranch. I only have 2 things that made me feel good, which I will save. The rest of the week was crap, beyond words, I don’t understand how children can be so cruel and hurtful, even bringing in others outside the family to attack us. Please keep my family in your prayers, we really need it!

    Love to all! Hope you all had a wonderful week and a great one ahead.


  14. she is SO little compared to him that she can barely reach his mouth when she jumps! i want to kiss her!

  15. You dog people are just a different breed of person. 🙂

    • Ok now. Hey don’t you be calling me a dog person. (I am laughing) Tyler and I were debating that the other night. Are we? or Aren’t we? Well, we decided we are those crazy kind of dog people. Our dogs drink tap water, not Evian!

  16. Erika, know exactly how you felt about “waiting”, I said the same thing when had to put my Toy Fox Terrier down back in 1997. I did wait for 2 whole years until could not take coming home to an empty house anymore! Here I am now with my Chihuahua of the last 11 years watching this video of Millie and going “Oh I want one!” NOT! Puppies are so wonderful and then like babies of any kind they grow up into DOGS! I am so happy that you guys did this not just for yourselves but you are so right, Jack deserves to have his own companion. My animals would be lost without each other as they have someone to divide their attention between and play with other than us humans!
    You did well and enjoy Millie and Jack as they will give you many hours of silliness and fun to watch!

    jackie ^_^

    • The change in him was so extreme after Emma died. He would just hide in a bush in the yard if we weren’t playing with him, he wouldn’t eat. He was scared of the wind and even stopped going up on our deck. Now, all has changed and he is SO happy! It is the best and to think if I hadn’t taken my vacation, it may not have happened. Just crazy!

      Have a lovely weekend. I hope all works out with the trailor.

  17. Millie is so cute!! Our Millie passed away last year and she was an English lab as well, but chocolate. They are just a perfect-sized dog. Both my boys came in and watched the whole vlog and they NEVER hang with me when I’m reading blogs. I think someone’s going to be asking for a puppy soon, darn it. (me, not them . . . )

  18. Aw — too cute. Millie makes my ovaries tingle a little. Good thing we’re getting baby chicks soon!

  19. She looks so soft and precious! I hope Jack is cheering up.

  20. Jack seems to be pretty patient with Millie – not bad for a male dog. And that thing she was doing? nosing him like she was searching for a teat? all puppies do that – my puppy did with our older dog. he was a little surprised. LOL

    I’m glad you got another dog – and she seems very lively. She’s probably going to keep Jack busy playing and running around. 🙂

  21. Awwwww!! She’s adorable!! Looks like she is fitting right in too. and I love that you are wearing an Elmo t-shirt!

  22. She is SO cute!!!!!! Have you noticed a happier Jack since bringing home Millie?

    When you were “kissing” and calling her name, my dog went nuts! He started pawing at my computer.

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