There is a Fine Line Between Stupid and Brilliant

When Sarah was smaller I would tell her not to touch something and this is what she would say:


“But I MUST touch it.  I HAVE to touch it.  I NEED to touch it.”

Do you know where she gets that from?



This weekend Emily was at her dad’s, Sarah was napping and Tyler was napping as well.  So I decided that instead of writing some posts, or catching up on my reading, I would tinker with my blog.  Update some plug-ins; add some plug-ins, etc.

Sounds good, right?

I started at 12:36 PM and ended at 11:30 PM.


Did you notice that I was online for 11 hours?!

Somewhere along the way, I lost my homepage.

But I knew that I could fix it by myself.  I just knew I could.

At 10:00 PM Tyler came into the kitchen where I was sitting working on my laptop and he suggested that I call the support hotline.


But that would be just too smart wouldn’t it?

I did not call because I just knew I could fix it.  Oh, yes, and I will NOT stop and ask for directions either.

Back when I was on Blogger, I knew that if something went wrong I had about a 70% chance that I could figure it out.  Now that I am on WordPress, I have about a .5% chance.

Last night I saw a whole world of databases, root directories, servers that are just too complex for my teeny, tiny brain, but you know what I did?


I HAD to click it.  I NEEDED to click it.  I CLICKED it.

And I lost my entire blog and also my blog dashboard!

So I went to bed.

My head was spinning and my heart was racing and my muscles were tightening.  I watched a taped episode of Letterman which usually lulls me to sleep.  I was almost there, when Letterman turned off and I heard people moaning and groaning.


Was somebody having sex in my room? 

I looked at the TV and apparently at 1:30 AM on Cinemax there is some pretty risqué stuff.

Now I was in a pickle.  If I got up out of bed to get the remote on Tyler’s side of the bed, I would risk waking Millie who was sound asleep in her crate.  However, I also didn’t think I could fall asleep to soft porn playing in the background.

So I laid in bed for a bit and pondered my dilemma.

Meanwhile I noticed that the guy on the TV looked vaguely like the kid whose locker was next to mine in the 7th grade.  So I sat up to see if I could see him clearer and made a mental note to Google him in the morning.

Kind of makes me look forward to that class reunion next summer.


How you doin’?

With all of these thoughts racing through my head coupled with code, html, databases, index, php, SQL, servers… well… I just burst out laughing because this was just NOT how I had planned to spend my weekend.

In the end, I decided to carefully hop out of bed and change the channel.  I was just about at that relaxed drool stage when our weather radio siren went off in the kitchen.

Just peachy!



And I went back to bed.  I had had enough.  Go ahead and blow me away, make my day.  I bet there are no computers in heaven.

I woke up on Sunday and started Googling my problem.

2 hours later I finally called that Support Line. 

2 Hours after that I had a Homepage.

1 hour after that my feed was back on track.

Do you want to know what caused me all of my problems?  Do you?

A plug-in (like a widget) caused everything to go haywire after I updated WordPress 2.9 to 3.1.

I deactivated the Plug-in and voila!  Here is am!


Hello.  How are YOU today?

You know if I had something medically wrong with me I wouldn’t attempt to perform surgery on myself. 

When I have transmission problems, I don’t pop the hood of my car and just “tinker” around.


Why in God’s Green Earth, do I feel that I am able to fix computer problems by myself?  Why?

Although, I must say, the tech support girl was wonderful and she did tell me that I had to update WordPress on my server as well, but that still didn’t fix my problem with losing my Homepage.

As stupid as I am capable of being at times, I fixed that all by myself!

It just goes to show you, that there is a fine line between stupid and brilliant. (just so you know, I was stupid and now I am back to feeling brilliant.)


17 responses to “There is a Fine Line Between Stupid and Brilliant

  1. This? Might just possibly be my all time favorite post of yours? OMG! I am so sorry, but I’m laughing my ass off at your woes, which is probably a good thing since I need less of this ass.

    Computer trouble, plug ins, porn, tornadoes, you had quite a night!

    See, I’m the exact opposite, I hate to touch, well, at least the computer, because I’m so technologically challenged, I’m afraid I might just blow my computer up or even worse, maybe like the world if I hit the wrong key.

    Glad you’re back on line. Damn plug-ins. Damn skin flicks.

  2. You are definitely brilliant and wonderful. I was worried when I went to click on your blog this weekend and it wasn’t there. I knew you were having computer difficulties – and I glad you figured it out!

    So was the guy on the tv an old classmate of your’s?

  3. HEEE! This made me snort, chuckle, giggle and blow snot on myself! AND the following “tests” that you did this weekend was icing on the cake! What a hilarious way to start the week! Thank you!

  4. LOL! I’m too scared to add widgets on WP. Actually, I’m thinking about starting over on Blogger.

  5. Ahhh hell, I would do he same thing. I was waiting for this touch it/ don’t touch it post to degraded into sexual innuendo based on the bedroom and the porn.

  6. I just had my first bad plugin experience about 2 weeks ago. Adding the sexy bookmarks plugin made me lose my feed! and as soon as i turned it off, my feed came back.

    i bet you get interesting pingbacks and spam from a post with “sex” and “porn” in the body!

  7. See? You still fixed it in the end, even though you had to call tech support.

    The funny thing is, after I read the part about the tornado warning siren, I couldn’t stop thinking how I had no idea you could get tornados up where you live!

  8. Ouch, that’s a painful lesson. And you don’t ask for directions? Guess you’ll need to get a GPS! Did you Google the possible classmate?

  9. I really enjoyed this…I have the same “I must touch” syndrome – it’s gotten me into trouble before. Glad you fixed it!

  10. Yup. Crazy stuff the blogging platforms.

  11. This explains the email that only said “test”. I’m glad you got it all figured out and that you realize self-surgery is a bad idea.

  12. You’re too funny. I have another blog on WordPress that I posted on maybe twice. It confuses me too much!

  13. OMG, I would’ve totally freaked the freak out if I lost my blog. I can’t believe you were able to go to bed!! I’m so computer illiterate, though…I would’ve woken my husband and pretty much made his life miserable until he fixed it!

    I’m so relieved for you that you were able to fix it! You go, girl!

  14. I think I would have been panicking and running around like a headless chicken if I had done that. You were definitely on the right side of the line for keeping your cool

    Kate xx

  15. Hilarious!! Did you end up googling your classmate? I’m curious!

  16. Well, for all that, this is a brilliant post.

    I got a good laugh out of your thoughts about googling your 7th grade classman, too. Haha.

    I’m glad you finally got up and running.

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