Deep Thoughts @TheGirl_GrowsUp


I pretty much feel like I figured out the meaning of life this weekend.  I totally understand why people Tweet.  Yes, sometimes it does take me awhile to “get” stuff.

I am blond you know.

Anytweet… I was getting a bit frustrated with my back and not being able to hold the iPad or sit at the computer so I decided to try Twitter once again on my phone.

Only this time I “get it.”

I realized that if I am unable to blog, or when I have a second I can share my most innermost thoughts in 140 characters or less, of course.

And I have deep thoughts. 

Really.  I do.

PLUS!  Since I usually do my posts in advance, I can tell you SO much more on Twitter!  Riveting, riveting stuff I tell you.  Like…


What happened to Tyler this weekend?

What did I eat at the Fair that absolutely blew my mind?

I know you are dying to know.

And… since I am now looking like an idiot proficient on Twitter, do you know what I did?

I got my mom on there too!

@Tinatalking is my mom!!!!

I know.  Control yourself.  It is just too exciting for words.

So.  That’s that.  That is what I have been doing while resting my back.  I am much better by the way.  Thank you for all of your kind words and suggestions.

I am still in pain, but nothing like last week.  I am taking it easy, but I learned that I can’t fold clothes.  That sent me into spasms for an entire day.

Cry for me people.  I can’t fold clothes!  Tyler won’t let me.  Bwhahahahahaha!!!!


Life is good.


29 responses to “Deep Thoughts @TheGirl_GrowsUp

  1. Once again you caused my first laugh of the day: deep thoughts in 140 characters or less….

    Glad you’re better. I think the no-folding needs to be stretched out for a looong ng time. Just to be on the safe side, of course:)

  2. Hey – let the clothes go. Step away- far away. Good for Tyler.

    that goes for anything that has to do with lifting, twisting, or any thing that pulls on your back. Even going from your back to your side can hurt- just try not to twist your waist. keep the back like a log. Logs don’t bend in half or twist.

    Hope this passes soon. Remember the ice. The heating pad.

    and don’t laugh too hard…

    Talking from experience here! 🙂

  3. Can’t fold clothes- VERY nice benefit from aching back. I assume that goes with can’t cook a meal (lifting all those pans), can’t wash the dishes(trying to lift a pot up and over the edge of the sink can’t be easy) and most of all, can’t clean the toilet (can’t lean down to swish the brush). INGENIOUS! Inspired by your plight, my blogpost is about having surrogate posters today, go see!

  4. Sorry you still are hurting, but having an excuse not to fold laundry is awesome.

  5. I’m glad you are feeling better and that Tyler gets to do the laundry! That’s good stuff.

  6. Hey there, you Twit you!

    So happy that your back is feeling better. After being immobile for 5 weeks this spring, I know how you feel, but you really need to work that whole laundry angle, you know!

    Looking forward to chatting w/ you on Twitter. I don’t get on there TOO much, but I’ll look for you when I do. Hope you have a happy day!

  7. tweet away!

  8. Glad your back is feeling better! It stinks being immobile, but really work that whole laundry angle as much as you can.

    I’ll look for you on Twitter when I get on there, I don’t get on it too much, but will look for you when I do. I consider that place a true challenge of my creative juices: how to put my thoughts in 140 words (punctation included) or less. : )

  9. it was great to “see” you there! can i tweet with your mom? 🙂

  10. We don’t fold laundry at my house…this doesn’t knock me out of the vice presidency, does it?

    As far as tweeting goes, I still don’t “get” it, and I don’t even have a twitter account? Can you help me!

  11. I’m impressed that Tyler’s sympathy has held out this long!

    And you cannot make me tweet.

  12. Oh girly, it’s time to join some Twitter parties!! Aside from Tweetgrid not being good for me, Twitter parties are awesome!! I just did one with Lands End and 5M4M. Didn’t win anything, but that’s ok. It’s fun to make some connections there. =)

    We need to come up with some more chores that are just too painful! Maybe he could hire a personal attendant for you until you recover. See, this would all be sooo good for Bloggy TV!

  13. This was too cute. Gigi, finally convinced me to try tweeting. And I love it, though I haven’t yet mastered the shout out, the hashtags, and the new msg to no one. I can only reply. But, heck, I like that!

  14. I’ll check out your mom on Twitter! Sometimes I tweet a lot, then I neglect it for awhile. Oh well!

  15. Oh, so you’ve hopped on board, eh? I haven’t, not yet. And with the next few weeks that are going to be one big life full of everything and anything, I think I’ll wait. Gigi wants me to Twitter, too, but if I add one more thing to the mix, I might just have a nervous breakdown.

  16. I’ve been working on “getting” Twitter, too! Loved your tweet to me this a.m. It’s been a great day from what I’m told…

    Oh- and big old yay for the Fair! I have to admit to never having had gravy on chips…

  17. I’m so glad you’re on Twitter!! I’ve added you and your mom.

    The way I look at it is: when I have something to say, can I say it in 140 characters or less? If not, I blog it. If so, I tweet it.

    Have fun!!

  18. I’m going to email you a link to keep you occupied, during your recovery. I’ll warn you… it’s addictive. Feel better, soon!

  19. Take it easy and enjoy the help you’ve been receiving! 🙂

    Your mom is so cool…I haven’t been on Twitter in a long time!

  20. Avoiding laundry is definitely the plus side of the situation!

  21. Well, I am a brunette and I STILL haven’t bought in to the Twitter craze. At Blogher everyone was mad tweeting and I felt sorely left out. I might have to make an attempt to join the masses though, you actually made it sound a bit intriguing. And if your mom is doing it… Didn’t know your back was out but am glad you’re on the mend and exceeding my technical abilities apparently. 🙂

  22. Ooh-I have been away for a while…don’t know what happened to your back, but I feel for you! And the laundry? That’s just too bad. LOL!

  23. Okay, so really. I am such an idiot. What exactly is twitter and what’s in it for me?
    And not being able to fold laundry just may be enough to make me do something drastic to my back. The temptation….

  24. Ohhh I so need to pulls something like this off. 😉

    So glad you are resting and starting to feel better.

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