Don’t Mess with the Stinky Poop

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Let’s all do a happy dance, Sarah is potty trained and has been for quite some time now!!! 


{I will pause for said Happy Dance


It took only 1 day when I figured out what her reward would be and then she was trained all day and all night. 


I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made us all. 




Since my sweetie darling is also wearing underwear at night, she understands the importance of going to the bathroom right before bed. 


Until one night… 


When she figured out that if she had to go to the bathroom, she wouldn’t have to go to sleep. 




Now, our Sarah is a clever little girl and she realizes that going potty takes no time at all, but if she says she has to go “Stinky Poop” she could be up for as long as it took. 


So we would sit in there with her. 


And she would pretend to try. 


And we would hurry her along. 


Until finally I would say that she had to go to bed. 


“But I have to go Stinky Poop!” she would say. 


And do you know why I didn’t keep hurrying her along? 


Because one night I swear she did the stinky poop on command just to spite me.  Just to show me that all this staying up late was not being wasted. 


So we would sit and wait and sit and wait. 


One night I left her in the bathroom alone only to come back to find her sitting backwards on the toilet reading a magazine propped up on the tank. 


That was the last night I left her alone. 


She really had us cornered. What could we do?  Make her get off the toilet and what if she had an accident?  Can you imagine the guilt we would have? 


And then I had a thought… 


I knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew that I knew that she didn’t have to go. 

We both knew she wanted to just chat a little bit more. 


So I asked her one night, “Do you just want to talk or do you really have to go?” 


And she smiled big and said, “I just wanna talk.” And she got off the toilet. 


From that night on, we haven’t looked back.  Now we just have a little more “Talk Time” before bed. 


The Stinky Poop Saga is Officially Over. 


Thank Goodness. 







26 responses to “Don’t Mess with the Stinky Poop

  1. OMGosh, the image of her backwards on the potty reading a book is just hilarious!
    What a clever kid…watch out!

  2. Ha ha! Love it! My kids do the same thing and they’re a little older… maybe I should ask them if they’d like to talk?

  3. The funny thing is that she really wasn’t getting that met with her on the potty scheme anyway. Kids are interesting little creatures, aren’t they?

  4. She just wants to talk…? How cute! I can’t even fathom Hayden saying something like that. Absolutely adorable.

  5. That’s funny. Kids know when they can yank your chain…because what if she really DID need to go??? You can’t prove anything. Kind of like my son’s endless “stomach aches” during the school year. I can’t say that he DOESN’T have a stomach ache…and what if was sitting at school and DID get sick? Which only happened once. I love the turned around reading a magazine. I guess she got bored! 🙂 Glad you’ve broken the cycle!

  6. You sound like one great mom! I hope your special night talks will be a tradition that you carry on through the years.

  7. You’d think I wouldn’t miss the “stinky poop” days of my kids lives, but I do. Preschoolers are so smart!! I wish I could be inside their minds. You get the good mom award!! Hurray for Sarah’s potty training!

  8. LOL! My daughter’s hook was “I need just a widdo sip of waddah.” (I need a little sip of water.”) After a couple of weeks, I let her have her widdo sip just before she hopped on the toilet for her last visit of the evening. It lost its magic…

  9. amazing how logical they can be when you want them to be. That log doesn’t always extend in the right direct though, The -Rex will still hold his poop for days if I don’t watch.

  10. Ah, the importance of communication!!

    Sorry you had to go through all that…but it was hilarious!!

  11. I am glad it’s over for both of you. Sounds like you had few laugh (on the inside) along the way.

    My best friend is in the middle of it right now and it’s not pretty at all,lol.

  12. My kids do the same thing…but I’m mean and just rush them off to bed, anyway, while saying, “Lemme show you again where we keep the extra bedsheets and another pair of jammies so in case you have an accident in the middle of the night, you can take care of it yourself.”

    I guess I could’ve just been more direct and asked if they needed more “talk time”….but I figure they’ll be in therapy anyway when they’re older so we can just add yet another thing to the list of ways I’ve screwed them up.

  13. Awwwwww.. that is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing! It made my morning =)

  14. Thank you very much and your comment made my day too!

  15. this is a test comment.

  16. The Girl Next Door Grows Up


  17. Yes, she comes up with some doozies!!! She should have her own Twitter account!

    OK so I switched to the disqus comment system because wordpress stinks in the comment area. I hope this works or I might have to switch platforms again 😦

    I learned about your birthday through Facebook which still mystifies me. One day I will figure that out too! Happy early birthday!!!!! I am sure Randy and Hayden will make it a wonderful day!

  18. My grandson so be getting the training down soon too.

    There is an award for you on my blog.

  19. I love this story. I am also jealous of the one day training. With my boys I trained them right at two. My daughter, well I can just tell she is not interested and will fight me and right now, I am not up for the fight and as well all know, you can’t pick a battle with a child you aren’t prepared to win so….she continues to use diapers even though I know she does it just to spite me. Mind me asking how old your little darling is and what method you used for the one day training?

  20. Good night! That is awesome! I thought you were going to say you let her go stinky poop in the bed and then she had to clean it up. You are a much better woman than I.

  21. I’ll keep that in mind when LB potty trains.

    I have an award for you: I hope you like it. You deserve it!

  22. Wonderful compromise! I can’t get over the mindpicture of your daughter sitting backwards on the toilet. I’ve never thought of that, and I’m a bathroom reader. It’s hard to hold the book sometimes…..she’s a clever little girl.

    Glad you came up with the compromise, since forcing the “stinky poos” can lead to other problems. LOL

    Congrats on the potty training. My daughter kept starting and stopping for various reasons (I had advised her to wait anyway until the daughter turned three, but she was very enthusiastic about starting – too early) Anyway, finally one weekend after three false starts from the age of 2, after the granddaughter had made it to three years and a couple months…I took her for the weekend and found myself saying (don’t know why – tried to stop my mouth but THE WORDS KEPT COMING OUT…) Pack some underwear, and we’ll see if we can get a start on the potty training….

    Well, found some M&M’s – a tried and true method with my father (tried it on my sister and I, not the other way around…haha) and from Friday night until Sunday there was only one accident. Bribery is the best thing around for toilet training. It was one piece just for sitting on the toilet (this girl was stubborn!) Two pieces for peeing and three pieces for the poo.

    Now she’s fine – has never had a night accident. Occasionally she’ll wait too long, and have an issue. It’s either what I call “crazy” pee or a bit of leaking while she climbs on the toilet. The crazy pee is when you have to go so much, that it’s almost going out the toilet!

    Madison – bribery! give her something just for sitting on the toilet and trying – but make it something she only gets for toilet training. Something special. And of course, buy her some pretty big girl underwear. I bought my granddaughter undies with KaiLin, Princess Tiana and Tinkerbell. She loves her underwear. And now we’re always on the lookout for more pretty panties. Good luck – although I firmly believe that the closer to three, the easier it’ll be for the toilet training.

  23. I’m throwing virtual confetti for you!!!

  24. Brilliant move on your part. I guess we see where she gets her brains.

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