About Me…

Honestly, I am not very good writing about myself. However, I love writing about what happens with my family.  I started blogging in October 2009 and find it intoxicating.  My goal is to make people laugh – plain and simple. 

Basically I am a very happy person as simple as that sounds.  I have lived a great life, but my definition of great comes from the fact that I never take the little things for granted.  To me, just having coffee in the morning can make it a great day!

I was divorced at age 29 and was a single mother with a 2 year old for several years before finally finding my best friend and husband.  I have been playing golf since I was 8 years old and spent my career working at a golf course.

I love to write, digital scrapbook, read, golf, garden and cook.  I can do a killer Elmo voice and am noted for my baking skills.

I hate cleaning the bathroom and always have to have a tidy house and my bed made.

Oh there is so much more, but you will have to read my blog to find out!




About My Husband…

I can be like everyone else and say that I have the best husband in the world.  The most loving, the funniest, the most kind and hardworking, but there is just so much more to him than that.

I can tell you that there is no one in this world who relaxes me more than him.  Just knowing he is on his way home from work puts a little spring in my step.   He exudes warmth and kindness. 

He is also obsessed with projects of any kind and if you need it, he will build it.  Right now.  And he will finish it expertly in record speed.

Together we are pretty competitive.  We love playing golf together and we make contests out of everything and anything.  He usually wins, but he never gloats like I do when I win 😉

And he made me a Love Jar for our anniversary.  He wrote out 52 reasons he loves me and I pick one out each week and read it.

What more can I say?



About Our Girls…

Emily is 10 years old and will be entering the 5th grade.  She is a straight “A” student and loves science and math.  She plays softball, basketball and volleyball, but one day hopes to become a fashion designer, architect or rock star!

Sarah is 3 years old and has a laugh that puts a smile on everyone’s face.  She is infatuated with her Crocs and even likes them cooled in the fridge!



About My Parents…

My parents are our neighbors and we like it like that!  Actually, we do not see them all that much which is the worst part of being neighbors.  My mom recently started dying her bangs all sorts of colors; red is her favorite.  And my dad, well… he spends his days painting portraits, but unfortunately he can never seem to paint me no matter how many times he comes over to stare at my cheekbones.


About Our Pets…

We have a White German Shepherd named Jack.  He is the most neurotic dog you will ever meet.  He is smart as a whip but, he is afraid of the wind.  The worst part about him is that he thinks he is a lap dog.

Sam is our Alpha Cat.  He rules the roost now and loves to lay in the sink.


About Emma…


Emma was our 7 year old Golden Retriever.  November 2009 she was diagnosed with Canine Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer.)  She had her leg amputated and went though chemotherapy until the cancer spread to her lungs.  Sadly we had to put her to sleep in May 2010.  It was a tremendous loss for our family.

Surprisingly, her courageous battle with cancer taught us a lot.  I invite you to read the posts I wrote about her whether you are dealing with a sick pet or not, these posts are worth it.

Is There a Reindeer Named Cancer?

We Are NOT Keeping The Leg!

A Lesson in Spirit

Thank You Aunt Becky

The End

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