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are you getting sick of these?  me too.



i a an idiot.  i hate computers.


Feel Good Friday: Jack and Millie – The Vlog


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On the video you are going to see Jack put his mouth around Millie’s entire head.  Please note that he does not eat her, nor does he have any intention of eating her.

I think.

Also, you might be thinking that this is a great Feel Good Friday simply because we have Millie, however you are wrong.  It is great because Millie discovered the Ritz Bit that I carefully hid on the floor.  We now own a dog who will eat people food crumbs!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Have a fantastic weekend.


We’re Goin’ on a Puppy Hunt. We’re Gonna Get a Great One!


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The minute I told Tyler my puppy plans, we were both off on a Puppy Hunt.  Calling and emailing all over the great state of Minnesota.

It’s a big state my friends.

We have certain criteria for our dogs.  We sort through anything that appears to be “shady.”  We eventually narrowed it down to a few breeders.  Some were big and some were small.  We were looking for the right fit for us.

Can anyone say, “Roadtrip?”

Since we were driving all over rural Minnesota we did bring the Potty Chair for Sarah.  We didn’t know how many miles it would be between the time she said she had to go potty and the time it would take to drive to a town with a potty.

Yes, we whipped out the Potty Chair in the following locations and no, I didn’t take any pictures, but OH how I wish I had!

Sarah peed alongside several dirt roads, off the highway, at a closed Farmer’s Market, under a bridge, but the absolute best was when we were on a dirt road by a farm with about 50 cows and calves staring at her.

My mom already slapped me upside the head for not getting a picture of that one.  Sarah peed while looking at the cows looking at her.

4 hours in the car.

8 episodes of SpongeBob.

$40.00 in gas.

Peeing alongside wildflowers and cows… PRICELESS.


It was on Day 2 of our Puppy Hunt that we found our Millie.  We spent 1 ½ hours playing with 5 ½ week old puppies trying to decide which one was potentially ours.

It was quite an experience to say the least.  But the decision was clear.  The puppies had been meticulously cared for and loved like real babies. 

They had a large shady fenced in backyard to run in.  They even had a little kiddie pool for splashing.  They had been driven around to get used to cars.  They had been played with by all ages of kids and adults and dogs.   They lived inside, but went potty OUTSIDE already!!!!   Can you believe it?

It was truly a puppy oasis.

The love and attention that had been given to these dogs that made all of the difference.  You could hear it in the man’s voice when he told us stories of each individual puppy, how much time he spent with them.

The 3 hour drive home went by in a flash with all of us squealing* and talking and making lists of things to buy and prepare for Millie for when we brought her home the following Friday.

We went on a Puppy Hunt.  We really got a great one!


*I need to point out that Tyler did not outwardly squeal, but I am sure he was squealing on the inside.


See Jack Be Sad. See Erika Make It Better.

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This is Jack.

Jack is sad.

Many of you know we put our 7 year old Golden Retriever, Emma, to sleep in May.  She died from Bone Cancer.  We were devastated.

Since then we have been overwhelming Jack with even more love and attention than before, but you know what?

Jack is still sad.

Yes, he runs like wild when we play ball and he loves his walks, but it is not possible to do that with him 24 hours a day.

And I have been watching him.

And my heart has slowly been breaking for him because I remember how he was before Emma died compared to how he is now.

And then one day Tyler told me that his friend Keith at work was looking into getting a British Black Lab for his family.  I had never heard of that breed before so I looked them up out of curiosity.

After I got done reading about the breed’s characteristics and saw pictures, my heart opened up and I knew for certain that this was our new family member.

The funny thing is, if I hadn’t been on my blogcation I would not have taken the time to look up this breed, but since I had a little extra time on my hand’s, I did.  It was fate.


And I ached for this dog.


Suddenly everything I had said before about not getting another dog for a few years, or hating the extra dog hair, the running in the house, and the extra money seemed completely miniscule compared to the love and joy and happiness this new friend would bring us all.

Now we all know that Tyler and Emily would have gone out and gotten another dog the day after we put Emma to sleep if I had given the okay; so you can imagine their disbelief when I told them how I had changed my mind.

You see, this is a perfect example of the “Grows Up” in my blog title. 


In May I was vehemently against getting a new dog.  I just wanted to love Jack.

But because I love Jack so much and because I am with him all day, I realize that this is what we both need and want.  Suddenly, I don’t care how much time and work it takes to train a puppy. 

Or should I say, train “Millie!”

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our Puppy Quest and on Friday I have the best Feel Good Friday ever!!!!  Stay tuned…

Marley and Me and Tyler and Emily and Jack


**This post was written way back in June before… well… you will just have to wait and see what I am talking about in tomorrow’s post!!

Emily wanted to watch a movie tonight so she searched through our external DVR and came across “Marley and Me”.

I had taped it a long time ago.  Even before Emma, our Golden Retriever, got cancer and eventually died in May.

We have never seen it.

It has been the general rule around this house, that we are not watching this movie for a long time… like years.

But on this night, Tyler told Emily that the two of them would watch it so that I could blog.

I think Tyler must be a glutton for punishment after everything we have been through, and even though I sit here on my computer with one ear to the TV, I can’t help but watch.

And someone else is watching too.

I guess Jack understands what Marley is saying.

Jack found this part funny.

…And this part interesting.

I would have taken a picture of Jack’s reaction to the end of the movie, but I was too busy crying my eyes out.

Thanks Tyler.   You’re the best.

Jack is picking the next movie.  He is thinking about “Cujo” – just so you know.