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Deep Thoughts @TheGirl_GrowsUp


I pretty much feel like I figured out the meaning of life this weekend.  I totally understand why people Tweet.  Yes, sometimes it does take me awhile to “get” stuff.

I am blond you know.

Anytweet… I was getting a bit frustrated with my back and not being able to hold the iPad or sit at the computer so I decided to try Twitter once again on my phone.

Only this time I “get it.”

I realized that if I am unable to blog, or when I have a second I can share my most innermost thoughts in 140 characters or less, of course.

And I have deep thoughts. 

Really.  I do.

PLUS!  Since I usually do my posts in advance, I can tell you SO much more on Twitter!  Riveting, riveting stuff I tell you.  Like…


What happened to Tyler this weekend?

What did I eat at the Fair that absolutely blew my mind?

I know you are dying to know.

And… since I am now looking like an idiot proficient on Twitter, do you know what I did?

I got my mom on there too!

@Tinatalking is my mom!!!!

I know.  Control yourself.  It is just too exciting for words.

So.  That’s that.  That is what I have been doing while resting my back.  I am much better by the way.  Thank you for all of your kind words and suggestions.

I am still in pain, but nothing like last week.  I am taking it easy, but I learned that I can’t fold clothes.  That sent me into spasms for an entire day.

Cry for me people.  I can’t fold clothes!  Tyler won’t let me.  Bwhahahahahaha!!!!


Life is good.


I Am Forbidden to Blog

On Monday I told you how I messed up my blog and lost it completely. Well all of that time spent on the computer hurt me in a big way.

After my blog ordeal Sunday, I picked up Sarah and hurt my back.

I must have been pretty tense.

I hurt it so much I couldn’t even pick up a bowl or get myself a glass of water.

Or stand up straight.

So mom and Tyler have forbidden me to touch the computer until I am healed.

I will return on Friday for Feel Good Friday and I am hoping that my post will be a Pain Free Friday.

-Sent from my iPad while laying in bed, on a heating pad while watching crappy daytime TV.

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