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Don’t Mess with the Stinky Poop

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Let’s all do a happy dance, Sarah is potty trained and has been for quite some time now!!! 


{I will pause for said Happy Dance


It took only 1 day when I figured out what her reward would be and then she was trained all day and all night. 


I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made us all. 




Since my sweetie darling is also wearing underwear at night, she understands the importance of going to the bathroom right before bed. 


Until one night… 


When she figured out that if she had to go to the bathroom, she wouldn’t have to go to sleep. 




Now, our Sarah is a clever little girl and she realizes that going potty takes no time at all, but if she says she has to go “Stinky Poop” she could be up for as long as it took. 


So we would sit in there with her. 


And she would pretend to try. 


And we would hurry her along. 


Until finally I would say that she had to go to bed. 


“But I have to go Stinky Poop!” she would say. 


And do you know why I didn’t keep hurrying her along? 


Because one night I swear she did the stinky poop on command just to spite me.  Just to show me that all this staying up late was not being wasted. 


So we would sit and wait and sit and wait. 


One night I left her in the bathroom alone only to come back to find her sitting backwards on the toilet reading a magazine propped up on the tank. 


That was the last night I left her alone. 


She really had us cornered. What could we do?  Make her get off the toilet and what if she had an accident?  Can you imagine the guilt we would have? 


And then I had a thought… 


I knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew that I knew that she didn’t have to go. 

We both knew she wanted to just chat a little bit more. 


So I asked her one night, “Do you just want to talk or do you really have to go?” 


And she smiled big and said, “I just wanna talk.” And she got off the toilet. 


From that night on, we haven’t looked back.  Now we just have a little more “Talk Time” before bed. 


The Stinky Poop Saga is Officially Over. 


Thank Goodness.