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Don’t Mess with the Stinky Poop

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Let’s all do a happy dance, Sarah is potty trained and has been for quite some time now!!! 


{I will pause for said Happy Dance


It took only 1 day when I figured out what her reward would be and then she was trained all day and all night. 


I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made us all. 




Since my sweetie darling is also wearing underwear at night, she understands the importance of going to the bathroom right before bed. 


Until one night… 


When she figured out that if she had to go to the bathroom, she wouldn’t have to go to sleep. 




Now, our Sarah is a clever little girl and she realizes that going potty takes no time at all, but if she says she has to go “Stinky Poop” she could be up for as long as it took. 


So we would sit in there with her. 


And she would pretend to try. 


And we would hurry her along. 


Until finally I would say that she had to go to bed. 


“But I have to go Stinky Poop!” she would say. 


And do you know why I didn’t keep hurrying her along? 


Because one night I swear she did the stinky poop on command just to spite me.  Just to show me that all this staying up late was not being wasted. 


So we would sit and wait and sit and wait. 


One night I left her in the bathroom alone only to come back to find her sitting backwards on the toilet reading a magazine propped up on the tank. 


That was the last night I left her alone. 


She really had us cornered. What could we do?  Make her get off the toilet and what if she had an accident?  Can you imagine the guilt we would have? 


And then I had a thought… 


I knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew that I knew that she didn’t have to go. 

We both knew she wanted to just chat a little bit more. 


So I asked her one night, “Do you just want to talk or do you really have to go?” 


And she smiled big and said, “I just wanna talk.” And she got off the toilet. 


From that night on, we haven’t looked back.  Now we just have a little more “Talk Time” before bed. 


The Stinky Poop Saga is Officially Over. 


Thank Goodness. 







The Monitor Dialogues

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Obviously, Sarah has a monitor in her room and we have a unit in our room and the living room so we can hear her if she wakes up.

Lately, after we put her to bed, she has been having rather lengthy conversations with her BFF, Panda Bear.

The other day Sarah was upset that Daddy had to go to work.  I was trying to explain to her that Daddy needs to work to make money.

I kept trying to put it in terms that she could understand.

  • We need money to turn on the TV.
  • We need money to put gas in the car.
  • We need money to buy clothes and toys.
  • We need money to put food on the table.

Well, the food on the table comment I made must have stuck in her little noggin because this is what I heard her tell Panda Bear over the monitor:

Sarah:  Daddy works to make money.

Panda Bear:  *crickets*

Sarah:  Money puts food on the table.

Panda Bear:  *crickets*

Sarah:  But Mommy puts food on the table everyday…?

Panda Bear:  *crickets*

I guess the next time she asks me a question I need to be a little more thorough in my reply.

Although, in my defense…. When she asks why it rains, I go into a long and lengthy explanation about cold and warm fronts, but all I get from her is…





Dead Cats and Kids – A Legacy?

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Yesterday you learned that my real name is Erika. 



This post was not scheduled as I have been very, incredibly busy these last 2 weeks working on another blog adventure you will learn about on Feel Good Friday!!

However, Marianne from Diary of a While Fickle Woman is DYING to know what my girls’ real names are so here is the story… just for you Marianne!

I, too, had a hard time coming up with pseudo-names for the girls’ way back when I began this blog so I chose names that rhymed with their real names.

I wrote about 14 posts in advance and then I post dated them and hit publish.

I called my mother and told her to go online and read my stuff.


She called me back in a heartbeat and was all aflutter. 

Without thinking, whereas the names Emily and Sarah rhyme with my girls’ real names… the names Emily and Sarah are also the names of…

My parents….






Oh I laughed so hard!  I didn’t even think about it until she pointed that one out to me.

I can be really dense sometimes.  I am blond, ya know.

However, in the end, the names are very easy for us to remember.  Emily was the older cat and Sarah was the little cat.


Have a great day!

Short and Sweet


Tyler is off today and that, my friends, is a rarity during the work week.

So I will leave you with this:


Me:  Sarah, would you please go clean off your toys from the bench?

Sarah:  No.  I will have Daddy do it, he is a great cleaner, you know.

Well… he really is, but next time I will ask her to clean the toilets…

Have a happy day!

{comments off}

Put the Scissors Down!

Sarah has a huge amount of stranger danger going on… which is good.

She doesn’t run from me.

It gets bad when I want to get her hair cut. 

I did that once and she cried and screamed so hard, the Kids Barber, where they say they can cut any kid’s hair, can’t do it.

So since age 1 I have been cutting her hair.

Did I mention her hair grows with lightening speed?

Did I tell you I don’t have a beautician’s license?

So last week I had some extra time and I decided to cut her hair.

Easy peasy, right?

I only have to cut in a straight line.



Her hair was really long and about 4 inches down her back, so I thought I would take off an inch.

First I sat her on a chair, then a stool, then on the kitchen table where she proclaimed,

“Mama, we don’t sit on tables!”


I just couldn’t get the right angle to get the job done.

I sweated.   I gasped.  I cursed.

I asked Tyler if he would do it after he made a face.

Why did he make a face?


I had cut it to her shoulders.

My one inch turned into 4 inches.

“Honey, I think you need to put the scissors down.” He said with a slight amount of fear in his voice.

So the next morning I took one look at my poor pathetic child with her horribly cut hair and told her I was taking her to the Beauty Shop.

Let’s just say that didn’t go over so well, so I got out my scissors once again.

This time I put her on the ottoman in front of the TV.

Then I had her stand.

Standing on the ottoman worked.  I could finally get a good angle.

She stood.  I cut.  I whimpered.  She consoled.


Then we went outside to play, but I brought my scissors with me so I could see any wisps that I missed.

Apparently, I do not know what a straight line is.

She stood.  I cut.

 “LAURA!!  Put the scissors down!”  My mom yelled from her deck.

I did what I was told.

Her hair still isn’t right.

It is between her shoulders and jaw line now, but if I could just make one more cut…

Feel Good Friday: Dressing to the Beat of Her Own Drummer

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I have to say one of the things I am very, very proud of, is that both of my girls really think for themselves.

However…. I really wish that, just once, I could have a Gap Kid dressed perfectly from head to toe.

This week I wanted Sarah to look like this at the grocery store:

Instead, she looked like this:

(She is crying because she hates getting her picture taken and that is, our cat, Sam!)

Yes, she wore her Scooter Helmet.

To the store.

Because, and I quote, “I love it and it is cute, Mommmmeeeee, and it protects my ears from the wind.”

How can you argue with that? I have taught her well.

I tend to pick my battles and have to say “No” a lot.

I will not fight this battle.

This time I said “Yes” through, albeit, gritted teeth.

It felt good to let her “express” herself.

She felt good wearing it.

And the people at the store felt good laughing at us.

Have a super weekend whatever you choose to wear on your head!!

A Loophole

Sarah is 2 ½ and she is NOT potty trained.

I figure eventually I will give her a pair of underwear and her lunch and backpack and say,

“Good Luck on your first day of school, Honey. Don’t pee your pants or you won’t make any friends.”

Seriously though, she is awesome at going potty until she says:

“I don’t feeeel like it anymore.”

And then she kicks and screams and I am physically unable to get her on the potty. So you know what? I don’t feeeeel like it anymore either.

So we waited a bit.

Now she puts on underwear. Go big or go home I figure.

But here’s the deal:

She gets all excited and we skip our way to the bathroom and she hops on the seat and do you know what she does?

She talks.

And talks.

And talks.

And then she will say:

“I AMMMMM focusing, Mommeeeee!”

And she talks some more.

Then she says she is done and she skips down the hall…

And stands by the coffee table…

And she PEES on the FLOOR.

Astounding isn’t it?

Do you KNOW what she is doing?

This is total payback for all of the hundreds of times I have asked for privacy in the bathroom when she barges in and wants to talk.

In her little 2 year old mind, she has found a loophole.

I have to come with her to the potty. Therefore, I have to sit and talk for as long as it takes.

Now, apparently it doesn’t matter that we talk from 5:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night. Spiders are this week’s topic of choice.

Apparently “deep conversations” on the potty are a MUST in her world.

I can totally SEE her holding the pee in, so what she is doing is just calculating.

Ha! But I am older and even more calculating…

At dinner, the minute I ask about Emily’s day at school Sarah chimes in, “I have to go potty.”

Me: No you don’t.

Sarah: I do! I do have to go potty!!

I have to give her props though; the kid can totally hold her pee in.

After a bit, I will take her to the bathroom, but by this time she really has to go and has no time for the chit-chat.

Don’t mess with me kid. I am the inventor of the loophole.