Don’t Mess with the Stinky Poop

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Let’s all do a happy dance, Sarah is potty trained and has been for quite some time now!!! 


{I will pause for said Happy Dance


It took only 1 day when I figured out what her reward would be and then she was trained all day and all night. 


I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made us all. 




Since my sweetie darling is also wearing underwear at night, she understands the importance of going to the bathroom right before bed. 


Until one night… 


When she figured out that if she had to go to the bathroom, she wouldn’t have to go to sleep. 




Now, our Sarah is a clever little girl and she realizes that going potty takes no time at all, but if she says she has to go “Stinky Poop” she could be up for as long as it took. 


So we would sit in there with her. 


And she would pretend to try. 


And we would hurry her along. 


Until finally I would say that she had to go to bed. 


“But I have to go Stinky Poop!” she would say. 


And do you know why I didn’t keep hurrying her along? 


Because one night I swear she did the stinky poop on command just to spite me.  Just to show me that all this staying up late was not being wasted. 


So we would sit and wait and sit and wait. 


One night I left her in the bathroom alone only to come back to find her sitting backwards on the toilet reading a magazine propped up on the tank. 


That was the last night I left her alone. 


She really had us cornered. What could we do?  Make her get off the toilet and what if she had an accident?  Can you imagine the guilt we would have? 


And then I had a thought… 


I knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew she didn’t have to go Stinky Poop. 

She knew that I knew that she didn’t have to go. 

We both knew she wanted to just chat a little bit more. 


So I asked her one night, “Do you just want to talk or do you really have to go?” 


And she smiled big and said, “I just wanna talk.” And she got off the toilet. 


From that night on, we haven’t looked back.  Now we just have a little more “Talk Time” before bed. 


The Stinky Poop Saga is Officially Over. 


Thank Goodness. 







Deep Thoughts @TheGirl_GrowsUp


I pretty much feel like I figured out the meaning of life this weekend.  I totally understand why people Tweet.  Yes, sometimes it does take me awhile to “get” stuff.

I am blond you know.

Anytweet… I was getting a bit frustrated with my back and not being able to hold the iPad or sit at the computer so I decided to try Twitter once again on my phone.

Only this time I “get it.”

I realized that if I am unable to blog, or when I have a second I can share my most innermost thoughts in 140 characters or less, of course.

And I have deep thoughts. 

Really.  I do.

PLUS!  Since I usually do my posts in advance, I can tell you SO much more on Twitter!  Riveting, riveting stuff I tell you.  Like…


What happened to Tyler this weekend?

What did I eat at the Fair that absolutely blew my mind?

I know you are dying to know.

And… since I am now looking like an idiot proficient on Twitter, do you know what I did?

I got my mom on there too!

@Tinatalking is my mom!!!!

I know.  Control yourself.  It is just too exciting for words.

So.  That’s that.  That is what I have been doing while resting my back.  I am much better by the way.  Thank you for all of your kind words and suggestions.

I am still in pain, but nothing like last week.  I am taking it easy, but I learned that I can’t fold clothes.  That sent me into spasms for an entire day.

Cry for me people.  I can’t fold clothes!  Tyler won’t let me.  Bwhahahahahaha!!!!


Life is good.

Feel Good Friday: Speechless

{Start your weekend off right with Feel Good Friday!  Choose your prompt and link up.}


My Feel Good Friday has really been put to the test this week considering the amount of pain I have been in due to hurting my back.  The simplest of things I have been unable to do and it has been frustrating to say the least.  Sitting, sleeping, and getting dressed to name a few.


Originally I had planned to tell you that I “felt good” simply because I haven’t succumbed to watching Jersey Shore…yet.


Then as I was sitting here at the dinner table tonight talking to Tyler about how I was worried if I could even be at the computer and get out a Feel Good Friday post, let alone get ready for next week, do you know what he said?


“You just get comfortable and dictate to me.  I will do it for you.”


And he wasn’t just talking about my Feel Good Friday post.  He said he would do it for as long as I couldn’t blog by myself.


I know!  My mouth fell to the ground too.


What more can I say?  I am speechless.


With Tyler as my husband and best friend how can I not feel good?  It’s a Feel Good Life.


Would your husband blog for you if you were unable?  Would you want him to? 

I Am Forbidden to Blog

On Monday I told you how I messed up my blog and lost it completely. Well all of that time spent on the computer hurt me in a big way.

After my blog ordeal Sunday, I picked up Sarah and hurt my back.

I must have been pretty tense.

I hurt it so much I couldn’t even pick up a bowl or get myself a glass of water.

Or stand up straight.

So mom and Tyler have forbidden me to touch the computer until I am healed.

I will return on Friday for Feel Good Friday and I am hoping that my post will be a Pain Free Friday.

-Sent from my iPad while laying in bed, on a heating pad while watching crappy daytime TV.

{comments off}

“Remind Me to Tell You About the Blood”

5 years ago today it was raining hard and was cool.  Emily and I were in the kitchen making homemade Mallomar Cups (marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers.)

I called mom for something important, I am sure, and dad answered the phone saying that she was hurrying home from the store.

He didn’t tell me why.  He just hung up which was strange.

I saw mom’s car speed by my house and I waited the appropriate amount of time before I called over there again to find out what was going on.

“Hi.  What’s Up?”  I asked.

“They just called!  We have to pack!  They have a kidney for Jim!  We have to get down there right now!”  And she hung up.


There are images in my head of that tumultuous time.  Precious, vivid images.  The Good, The Bad and The Funny.

I remember packing without a list which still leaves me amazed that I remembered everything.

I remember Tyler, shocking me, by racing to come with us.  We were just dating back then.

I remember the torrential rain and how insistent I was that I drove despite Tyler pleading me not to since I might have been a little preoccupied.

I remember my mom crying hard when I first saw her. 


Worrying.  Wondering.  Waiting.

I remember Emily being thrilled to death that she got to sleep in the special waiting room to wait out the 8 hour surgery.

I remember her still being thrilled at 3 AM when we got back to our hotel room.

I remember Tyler sitting on the other side of the hospital room curtain, too grossed out to see my dad and all of the tubes.

I remember my thrice daily walks to Starbucks getting my newly discovered Mochas.  Thank goodness I didn’t know then how many calories were in them.

I remember how the nurses, surgeons and doctors were so impressed that a 5 year old could be so patient and cooperative.

I remember a PA teaching Emily how to do the Cat’s Cradle.

I remember being so sad to leave my family when I had to go back home after a week.

I remember the loneliness, the worry, the anger when they didn’t tell me something had gone wrong.

I remember seeing my dad’s watch go all the way up to his elbow and kidding him that it wasn’t fair that he was thinner than me.

I remember watching Hurricane Katrina in their hotel room, wondering if they would ever get the OK to come home.

Nope.  Not yet.

I remember the extreme joy and excitement on the way back to pick them up and bring them home. 


Safe and Sound.

I remember the sheer exhaustion of having this entire ordeal be over.

I remember that 1st year – treating him with a kid glove.  Special rules.  Special diet.  Special pills.  A new life.  A healthy life.


But, that was 5 years ago…

And every year he goes back for a visit to the Mayo Clinic to check on his kidney and every year they tell him how awesome he is.


And then there is this year.  Oh how the times have a changed…

They went down to the Mayo this year and I get a text from my mom.  It says this:



Umm.  Huh?  What?

Apparently, he had an access put in so everyone and there brother could draw his blood.  He has had it before.  He had some appointments, went back to their hotel to rest and were heading out to dinner when mom noticed dad’s white shirt was covered in blood.

Yes, he wore a WHITE shirt.  And you can bet it was a good shirt because my dad is a total fashionista.

Then mom applied a tourniquet and his hand turned blue.


It all worked out in the end. 

They are home now and all is well.  Dad’s kidney is fantastic and so is he.

Except he needs a new white shirt.

There is a Fine Line Between Stupid and Brilliant

When Sarah was smaller I would tell her not to touch something and this is what she would say:


“But I MUST touch it.  I HAVE to touch it.  I NEED to touch it.”

Do you know where she gets that from?



This weekend Emily was at her dad’s, Sarah was napping and Tyler was napping as well.  So I decided that instead of writing some posts, or catching up on my reading, I would tinker with my blog.  Update some plug-ins; add some plug-ins, etc.

Sounds good, right?

I started at 12:36 PM and ended at 11:30 PM.


Did you notice that I was online for 11 hours?!

Somewhere along the way, I lost my homepage.

But I knew that I could fix it by myself.  I just knew I could.

At 10:00 PM Tyler came into the kitchen where I was sitting working on my laptop and he suggested that I call the support hotline.


But that would be just too smart wouldn’t it?

I did not call because I just knew I could fix it.  Oh, yes, and I will NOT stop and ask for directions either.

Back when I was on Blogger, I knew that if something went wrong I had about a 70% chance that I could figure it out.  Now that I am on WordPress, I have about a .5% chance.

Last night I saw a whole world of databases, root directories, servers that are just too complex for my teeny, tiny brain, but you know what I did?


I HAD to click it.  I NEEDED to click it.  I CLICKED it.

And I lost my entire blog and also my blog dashboard!

So I went to bed.

My head was spinning and my heart was racing and my muscles were tightening.  I watched a taped episode of Letterman which usually lulls me to sleep.  I was almost there, when Letterman turned off and I heard people moaning and groaning.


Was somebody having sex in my room? 

I looked at the TV and apparently at 1:30 AM on Cinemax there is some pretty risqué stuff.

Now I was in a pickle.  If I got up out of bed to get the remote on Tyler’s side of the bed, I would risk waking Millie who was sound asleep in her crate.  However, I also didn’t think I could fall asleep to soft porn playing in the background.

So I laid in bed for a bit and pondered my dilemma.

Meanwhile I noticed that the guy on the TV looked vaguely like the kid whose locker was next to mine in the 7th grade.  So I sat up to see if I could see him clearer and made a mental note to Google him in the morning.

Kind of makes me look forward to that class reunion next summer.


How you doin’?

With all of these thoughts racing through my head coupled with code, html, databases, index, php, SQL, servers… well… I just burst out laughing because this was just NOT how I had planned to spend my weekend.

In the end, I decided to carefully hop out of bed and change the channel.  I was just about at that relaxed drool stage when our weather radio siren went off in the kitchen.

Just peachy!



And I went back to bed.  I had had enough.  Go ahead and blow me away, make my day.  I bet there are no computers in heaven.

I woke up on Sunday and started Googling my problem.

2 hours later I finally called that Support Line. 

2 Hours after that I had a Homepage.

1 hour after that my feed was back on track.

Do you want to know what caused me all of my problems?  Do you?

A plug-in (like a widget) caused everything to go haywire after I updated WordPress 2.9 to 3.1.

I deactivated the Plug-in and voila!  Here is am!


Hello.  How are YOU today?

You know if I had something medically wrong with me I wouldn’t attempt to perform surgery on myself. 

When I have transmission problems, I don’t pop the hood of my car and just “tinker” around.


Why in God’s Green Earth, do I feel that I am able to fix computer problems by myself?  Why?

Although, I must say, the tech support girl was wonderful and she did tell me that I had to update WordPress on my server as well, but that still didn’t fix my problem with losing my Homepage.

As stupid as I am capable of being at times, I fixed that all by myself!

It just goes to show you, that there is a fine line between stupid and brilliant. (just so you know, I was stupid and now I am back to feeling brilliant.)

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